1. I’ve got the MS coils right now, lowered all the way with the helpers & bump stops taken out, and i’m still really not as low as i would like to be.

    I’m also very frustrated with the lack of front camber adjustments and with the length of the rear spring which gives it a serious front rake.

    How happy have you been so far (if installed) with the BC set? Also, how much were you able to pick them up for?

  2. Yes I am extremely happy with the results; goes really low and the adjustments are great. I am maxed out on negative camber on the front, which made the fitment on point especially with how the front fenders are designed compared to the rear fenders. The rear can still go lower, only thing stopping me right now is more camber adjustment for more negative play for the rear. Look at the other posts/on the forums for pictures on how it looks on my 2009 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 currently. I got these for $999 shipped.

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  6. Hey, just to confirm I understand, you said you got a 3 inch drop from the coils?? Would the BR-RA fit on a 2007 mazdaspeed3? I just got my car a few weeks ago and I am new to the scene, looking for some help.

    Where did you buy these?

    Thank you for this incredible post, never heard of BC and I’m glad I stumbled upon this.


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