1. Where did he buy those flares? I want a set.

  2. They are custom made flares from a different car, that were bought and made to fit.

  3. Sorry, its unknown. Its a one of one production set for an unknown car that was sold.
    Wish I could give a more exact answer.

  4. Offsets? This is…SICK.

  5. No, its a regular Mazda 3. Tells you in the title of the post and in the post itself…….

  6. did he paint those rims white?

  7. The faces are powder coated gloss white.

  8. What did he do for the exhaust ? Did he cut the hole where the exhaust comes out of the bumper ?

  9. Author

    Yup, he made another cutout similar to the stock cut out to fit the dual pipes on the blast pipes.

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