1. Sad what the “stance” movement has done with people trying to outdo one another for the sake of being different. Apparently haggard ass fenders pulled with vice grips and retarded wannabe oni camber is cool now… So much fail :facepalm:

  2. There are several different kinds of styles that appeal to people in regards to stance. Not everyone has to like it and he does this style for himself and not for others. I hope there is no one out there that is just doing their styling because they want satisfaction from others. So, it is okay if others do not appreciate or even despise this form because he is still having fun with his own car doing this.

  3. hey Unimpressed, if you don’t like it, keep your shit to yourself. try looking at the second pic in the photoset above. if you think that’s even WANNABE oni camber, you’re fucking stupid and ignorant. (case in point, since you obviously have no idea what oni camber even is:)


    and just for lolz:

    i know this kid and have seen the car many times in person, and not one single person has said anything negative to his face…much like you, hiding behind a computer. and SHaW, i couldn’t have said it better.

  4. should have left the rear at an offset above 0. Can’t imagine how big of s spacer he used to get it down to -22 offset. BARF

  5. Unimpressed – you are entitled to your opinion, as we all are. I may agree with you to some extent, but if you don’t like it don’t troll. Bottom line.

    Fuck unimpressed – you aren’t acting any better than the other guy “hiding behind the keyboard” don’t be a hipocrate and tell him he freely give his opinion, but you can. All just because your marking out to it and he is voicing displeasure with the way automotive culture is headed. Grow a pair and deal with diferences in taste. Not everyone likes the same shit.

  6. ^^^ tell him he CAN’T freely give his opinion.

    * mistype from the above post

  7. The front is pure perfection. The rear is kinda overkill imo but hey, that’s why its his car not mine. Looks great man.

  8. hell yea bro do u that oni is crazy

  9. Kevin’s car has done it again!! this car has always been an inspiration to me. you are doing a great job.. keep it up bro!

  10. -22 i doubt that from the look of it maybe a 0 at most.. mistype of +22 offset????

  11. No it is -22. Its pretty damn obvious to tell.
    I myself are running -30.

  12. I hate driving behind one of these hellastupidflush cars, they brake and swerve all over the road trying to avoid pavement seams (or ants crossing the road?), and yet, their drivers have the audacity of getting mad when I pass them smoking my tires by their doors. I giggle when I watch them in my rear view mirror speeding up momentarily in an attempt to catch up, but failing miserably; and looking not-as-cool in the eyes of the girl in their passenger seat.

  13. You don’t see this style of stance in the area I am in very often and even less common with Mazda’s. If the owner of this car is doing this for his own personal interest then respect goes out to him!! It takes a lot of time, money and passion to do this to a ride and it is certainly not for the faint of heart. You are either into it or you aren’t.. I personally wouldn’t do this to my car because I still like to drive it daily without having to replace broken body parts or suspension components on a daily basis… but more so because I don’t have the cash to afford it 😛

    Respect to this guy and his ride!!

    Haters are the best motivators.

  14. what camber arms do you have? and how much camber is it iin the rear?

  15. Author

    Probably the Dominant Engineering rear camber arms. And that is about -10 in the rear.

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