1. Are you just stealing StanceNation’s features and rewording them?

  2. Author

    You mean how StanceNation just posted a feature on this car on August 21st. Where as, this was posted August 3rd…
    These are all my own words, and my friend Elvis, owner of StanceNation can attest to all of this as well.

  3. lol Bruhh got owned. Always been a big fan of this FD, and nice write up Shavi.

  4. Great pictures! The write-up was a little bland, though. Not trying to be a dick, just some constructive criticism.

  5. If you were constructive you would have suggested what should be done next time, not just say it lacked flavor.

    What I just did there for you, that was constructive! See, along with pointing out what you were lacking, I gave you a suggestion. It’s like getting punched in the kidney while getting a shoulder rub.

  6. Love it. Great write up

  7. Ah man! What broke the suspension like that? Such a nice car. Hit a curb or something? How'd every wheel get damaged like that?

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