Hamasaki’s FD3S

There is nothing that beats the styling and presence of a Mazda RX-7 FD. It doesn’t matter what engine you have in there, it is a car you would keep for generations. Nearly 12 years since the FD was last in production, and it is still a dream car to many, while also being a treat to see one tastefully modified. Such is the case with Yoshiyuki Hamasaki’s 2001 Sunburst Yellow RX-7 FD3S from Japan.

For Yoshiyuki, the passion and life style of an automotive enthusiast was passed down to him by his own father’s obsession with cars.

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Since the beginning of the RX-7 model line, it has been considered the highest class of car Mazda ever produced. During their productions years each generation of RX-7 was intentionally used to demonstrate the best that Mazda had to offer in terms of technology, performance, and styling. It has been over 11 years that the RX-7  model line was last seen rolling out of the factories and seen on the dealership floors.  Three generations later these cars are only bought by those that specifically want the car for what it is.  So is the case with Andrew Warren’s Sapphire Blue 1987 Mazda RX-7 (FC) GXL, which is surprisingly a little older than himself.

Andrew first started his journey into owning the car we see today after emerging from the hand-me-down cars he received in his early drivers license days. He began going to the local car meets in Greenville, South Carolina and was instantly in love with the car scene. Andrew started to like the RWD “drift style” cars that he saw and had the pleasure of meeting a few people with RX-7s, which eventually swayed him to getting one of his own.

He got his first 1987 RX-7 GXL for only $1,000, which made him hooked on the chassis every time he drove it.  Andrew was still in high school at the time and with his high school student budget he was able to do a T2 swap with the help of his friends.
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MazFest 2013 Coverage

It has been awhile since I have attended a MazFest event, but this year Mazda Fitment was an official sponsor of the event, so that gave me more of an incentive to clear my schedule to make it this year.

My day at MazFest 2013 started by arriving at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California at 6:00 AM to help vendor setup and prepare for the drivers meeting for my friend that was tracking. Even that early in the morning you could feel the temperature increase significantly within minutes after arriving. This set precedent for temperatures over 100 degrees throughout the event, which honestly made the event not so enjoyable.

Nevertheless, you can feel the mood of the event by seeing who came out to the middle of nowhere for a Mazda enthusiast event. You could hear the enthusiasts talking all things Mazda, whether it was about upcoming models or just to learn about their own cars. It was a true Mazda only event.
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NZ 4&Rotary Nationals 2013

Out in the land of The Lord of the Rings, known to the common man as New Zealand is the annual 4 & Rotary Nationals held in its largest city, Auckland. This is one of the biggest events for the New Zealand automotive scene and it lasts for two whole days. Giving everyone a blend of showing off their car builds and speed/drift challenges.

This 1989 Mazda FC3S RX7 owned by Dale from Rotang Klan caught a lot of attention on the display floor, and you should be able to see why…

Equipped with BN Sports front/rear bumpers, wing, and rear wide body fenders. Dmax front fenders and hood. All coming together to create this wide body beast of a FC.
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Alexander’s RX7 Convertible

Atlanta, Georgia is an interesting melting pot of car culture, just like the people that live there. It doesn’t get the attention or big events that the west or east coast gets, but there are a growing number of enthusiasts that are turning out tasteful and stylish cars. Atlanta roads are pretty terrible so seeing really low cars on a day to day basis is really rare and even more of a pain to live with.  Here we have an example of that with Alexander Grant’s 1991 Tan FC RX7 Convertible on Volk Racing TE37v.

Alexander’s earliest memories of enjoying cars is when he had to temporarily move from London, England to New York in the early 1990s.  He was around 6 years old at the time and remembers watching monster trucks, stunt cars jumping into stacks of vans, and tractor pulls. Spurred on by his Dad,  Alexander would always save up his pocket money for buying hot wheels, matchbox, crash-test-dummies, and etc, even little toy cars made of lead from antique stores. If it had wheels, he loved to play with them. He would enjoy washing their rented Mercury Sable wagon with its goofy digital dash and riding in the suicide seats.

Fast forward a decade and Alexander is back living in the UK, and finally reached the driving age. The UK culture was mostly “boy racers” and “chavs” with their “MAX POWER” style hot hatches, so of course he ended up with a MK3 VW Golf. Owning a car in England is expensive, especially the insurance, and modifying them only makes it worse. So Alexander’s little Golf remained stock throughout the 4 years of owning it.
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Nuisance From the Late 80s

Coming from the late 1980s, is this 1987 Mazda RX-7 FC owned by one of the founding members of Team Nuisance, Mac Cruz. Team Nuisance actually became an idea early this year in January.  Mac and his good friend Jesse Budano were actually rolling Mac’s fenders at 11pm, and initially wanted to make it a drift team, but they just decided it’d be more fun if they just invited all of their local car heads. The name Team Nuisance was thought up by one of their other friends Eugene Pagatpatan. Why Nuisance? It was chosen because of their obnoxious loud cars disrupting the peace of neighborhoods, and their lowered cars causing traffic going over the imperfections in the roads. Even though they are still growing, Jesse and Mac didn’t expect to get as far as they did, and now they also have a team in Utah representing Team Nuisance. All in all, they are mainly just a bunch of friends that get together and have a great time, whether its with or without their cars.

Before Mac had his RX-7, he had a 240SX S13 and BMW E30, but got bored of them pretty quickly. This is just another example of individuals who go through cars quickly, only to find the one that suits who they are, but even then it is a never ending pursuit.   Nevertheless, Mac purchased his FC with a S4 13B N/A engine a little over a year ago during the summer, and quickly got to work on his ambitions for the car.

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