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Hamasaki’s FD3S

There is nothing that beats the styling and presence of a Mazda RX-7 FD. It doesn’t matter what engine you have in there, it is a car you would keep for generations. Nearly 12 years since the FD was last in production, and it is still a dream car to many, while also being a read more »


Since the beginning of the RX-7 model line, it has been considered the highest class of car Mazda ever produced. During their productions years each generation of RX-7 was intentionally used to demonstrate the best that Mazda had to offer in terms of technology, performance, and styling. It has been over 11 years that the read more »

MazFest 2013 Coverage

It has been awhile since I have attended a MazFest event, but this year Mazda Fitment was an official sponsor of the event, so that gave me more of an incentive to clear my schedule to make it this year. My day at MazFest 2013 started by arriving at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, read more »

NZ 4&Rotary Nationals 2013

Out in the land of The Lord of the Rings, known to the common man as New Zealand is the annual 4 & Rotary Nationals held in its largest city, Auckland. This is one of the biggest events for the New Zealand automotive scene and it lasts for two whole days. Giving everyone a blend read more »

Alexander’s RX7 Convertible

Atlanta, Georgia is an interesting melting pot of car culture, just like the people that live there. It doesn’t get the attention or big events that the west or east coast gets, but there are a growing number of enthusiasts that are turning out tasteful and stylish cars. Atlanta roads are pretty terrible so seeing read more »

Nuisance From the Late 80s

Coming from the late 1980s, is this 1987 Mazda RX-7 FC owned by one of the founding members of Team Nuisance, Mac Cruz. Team Nuisance actually became an idea early this year in January.  Mac and his good friend Jesse Budano were actually rolling Mac’s fenders at 11pm, and initially wanted to make it a read more »