Roadster From Flagstaff

Let us introduce our newest submission, Michael Fleming. Michael is originally from San Diego, California, but moved to mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona about 3 years ago. City of Flagstaff actually has winters with snow and single digit temperatures; a far cry from the sunny Southern California weather. Michael has always been into cars; owning a 1990 Nissan 300zx and 2 Nissan 240sx, before moving to Arizona. He sold his last 240sx knowing he needed something more practical for the winters in Flagstaff.

A few months after moving to Flagstaff, it was a February day with snow falling and temperatures in the single digits. A little Black 96′ Miata caught Michael’s eye sitting in a used car lot. There he was, a kid who never left sunny Southern California, living in snow for the first time in the mountains. This convertible, light weight, rear wheel drive car was everything Michael did not need for living in Flagstaff. But, it was perfect, untouched,  and stock. With no intentions of buying a car in the middle of a snow storm, Michael ended up falling in love with the car. Since then this car has given Michael a little piece of home, the feeling of the sunny weather he used to enjoy back in Southern California.

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