Nuisance From the Late 80s

Coming from the late 1980s, is this 1987 Mazda RX-7 FC owned by one of the founding members of Team Nuisance, Mac Cruz. Team Nuisance actually became an idea early this year in January.  Mac and his good friend Jesse Budano were actually rolling Mac’s fenders at 11pm, and initially wanted to make it a drift team, but they just decided it’d be more fun if they just invited all of their local car heads. The name Team Nuisance was thought up by one of their other friends Eugene Pagatpatan. Why Nuisance? It was chosen because of their obnoxious loud cars disrupting the peace of neighborhoods, and their lowered cars causing traffic going over the imperfections in the roads. Even though they are still growing, Jesse and Mac didn’t expect to get as far as they did, and now they also have a team in Utah representing Team Nuisance. All in all, they are mainly just a bunch of friends that get together and have a great time, whether its with or without their cars.

Before Mac had his RX-7, he had a 240SX S13 and BMW E30, but got bored of them pretty quickly. This is just another example of individuals who go through cars quickly, only to find the one that suits who they are, but even then it is a never ending pursuit.   Nevertheless, Mac purchased his FC with a S4 13B N/A engine a little over a year ago during the summer, and quickly got to work on his ambitions for the car.

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