HF5 Continued

Hellaflush has always attracted some of the most amazing people with even more amazing cars. This was my first real ... READ MORE


Im so tired.. but ill update with a full blog tomorrow 🙂 for now FLICKR! Hellaflush V from Richie Wong ... READ MORE

HF5 pt2

Everyone here at SCM are down to the wire trying to get ready! We have 3 more days! It seems ... READ MORE

Post HF 3.5!

What a day! Monday after HF 3.5 and I’m still feeling the jittery excitement. Might be the NOS they gave ... READ MORE

Snow Fitment

you dont see this everything MS3 on SSR viennas 18×8.5 +37  225/40, 18×9.5 +37  235/40. just needs to be alittle ... READ MORE