Prelude to Vegas

There has been a lot of work being done in the many weeks leading to Slammed Society Las Vegas at Formula Drift. All this work in order to get the cars completed with their new setups and in good maintained shape to make the 300 mile journey out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the show case. We will be making this journey with our lovers Royal Origin and Low Ballers, and show casing with them as well.

Here is a prelude to what is to come from this weekend’s event. So either come show your support by coming to attend or show your car to the rest of the community or just wait for the enormous amount of coverage that will pour out of this event. And this is coverage from well-built drift machines who are there to win it, and the slammed out rides strutting there stuff for the show case.

More information about this event here:


Stay EZ.

Fitment Game

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