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Everything has beauty in some shape or form, but not everyone will see it. This can be seen with Luis Diaz’s 1991 Crystal White Mazda RX-7 FC3S GTU.

Luis has always been around Mazdas, and rotary powdered vehicles with the FC3S being his all time favorite. There is just something about the body lines, shape of the car, and the mid-80′s/early 90′s styling that gets Luis feeling some type of way that not everyone can relate to.

Feeling mesmerized by the beauty of the FC3S, this started out as a bare shell weekend project, which turned into the car you see now with the help of his mechanic dad. Now it is Luis’ daily driver, and being constantly worked on to improve every aspect of the car.

Keeping it really basic, Luis decided to stick to the OEM styling to enhance the already beautiful features of the stock body.

The ever so classic choice of Work Equip 05s; looks great nearly on everything. These are supplemented with gold BBS RS hardware in 17×10 +17 rear, and 17×9 +10 front with 205/40 tires all around.

Engine is fully rebuilt with a 6 port turbo with a mild street port, and suspension is setup with Ksport Control Pro coilovers.

More OEM styling with the addition of the OEM S5 Turbo II front lip and fog lights

We can definitely see why Luis has been mesmerized by the FC3S body lines and styling. Beautiful.

Modification List
Fully rebuilt 6 port turbo w/ mild street port
Greddy BOV
Racing Beat Downpipe
Custom Exhaust

OEM s5 Turbo II front lip
OEM+ side skirt valances
OEM sport wing
OEM S5 Foglights
6k HID’s

Wheel Specs:
Custom Work Equip 05′s With gold BBS RS hardware
17×10 + 17 R 17×9 + 10 F
205/40 all around
Ksport Control Pro coilovers

Ebay Steering wheel / Quick release
ItsProper shift knob
Prosport gauges
Reupholstered turbo II seats w/ all black finish
Custom headliner

Luis would like to give a special shout out to Action Tire for always helping him with all his wheel setups, and tire issues along the way. And TheCandyshop CPB for painting the car. Finally a huge thanks to his dad for being the mastermind behind restoring the car, and always helping Luis out with any problems.

Thanks Dylan Flynn for capture this for us. You can view more of Dylan’s work at More pictures in the gallery below.

Introducing Mazda Fitment Lite. A light version of MF in a basic 14″ inch die-cut sticker design.

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Sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected things. Caleb Oliva’s 2004 Velocity Red RX-8 is a prime example of something that came into his life in an unexpected way.

The love for cars was passed onto Caleb by his dad, and resulted in the short lived dream of having a Honda Civic EG hatch, but ended up with a modified Civic EK hatch. Caleb started going to street races with his friend David in the EK, and eventually David showed him what aggressive fitment and proper styling looked like.

Because of this Caleb traded the EK for a stock Honda Del Sol, and began modifying that slowly. However, even this did not last after Caleb was blown away by a RX-8 on the streets that just flew right past him, and intrigued his interests. It wasn’t until 2013 that he had the opportunity to finally get the car that took him unexpectedly; he finally got the RX-8 after his BMW E21 got totaled.
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First ever Mid-Atlantic Mazda Fitment meet will be held in Centreville, Virgina. This is basically just a meet and greet, enjoy cars, and socialize type of deal. So, just come have fun.

Date: Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Time: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Location: Velocity Five
5825 Trinity Parkway
Centreville, Virgina 20120

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We all start by saying “its gonna stay stock,” but eventually with time we realize that statement won’t really happen. I am Alec Lessard, and I am from the capital city of Canada; Ottawa. I personally was not thinking of modifying my sedan when I purchased it. In the Mazda community having a Mazda 3 sedan was kinda rare, and seeing one done-up nicely was like seeing a unicorn. I eventually decided to be different from the masses, and dump all my money into my 2006 Carbon Grey Mazda 3 sedan GT 2.3L.

It started off on coilovers like most people, and eventually ended up going with air suspension. I found a deal that fit my budget and decided to convert to air ride.

The front end was kept simple with a mesh grill and a urethane lip to match the OEM side skirts. Also yellow Lamin-X fog overlays were added to match the yellow center caps on the wheels.
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Recently there has been a movement among a good number of car enthusiasts to select air suspension over coilovers to achieve what they want out of their own car. Air suspension has gotten more affordable as technology on this type of suspension has improved over the years. However, air suspension is for those that want to essentially “park hard,” and have multiple levels of adjustability for any daily situation. This is the case with Jovany Cuesta’s 2011 Liquid Silver Mazdaspeed 3 from Northern Virginia.

Jovany enter the car world his sophmore year of high school. One of his friends introduced him into tinkering with cars, which eventually made him realize his hidden love for cars. And of course the Fast and the Furious franchise played a big role in it as well.

The first generation Mazdaspeed 3′s were in full affect during his high school days. Jovany’s friend’s crystal white pearl MS3 started his search for one of his own, but eventually the second generation facelift was released. At first he hated the facelift; it was just “goofy” looking. But with most things, the more you read up and experience the more it will eventually grow on you. So, Jovany ended up with the thing he hated at first, but now the thing he loves the most.
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Even though Mazda Fitment have been around for a number of years now, we still have a lot of things to check off our feature list for the various Mazda models out there. This is the first time we have featured a Protege5 on here; not because we don’t like them, but because we never get submissions from this model. If you want to submit your car to see if we are interested in featuring it here, make sure to email us at To start us off we have Reg Rivera’s 2002 Sunlight Silver Mazda Protege5 from San Francisco, California.

Growing up from one hobby of riding and messy around with BMX bikes to another hobby of being able to drive and modify cars was thanks to Reg’s friend Alex.

Reg bought his Protege5 after his 190e Mercedes motor went out. He wanted three things from the next car: rear wheel drive, hatchback/wagon, and fast. Reg only ended up with one of those three as we can see. The main reason he wanted a wagon was to fit his big 18″ inch sub-woofer in the back, which fit perfectly; you could hear him from a mile away.
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Our friends at Wrong Fitment Crew (WFC) are putting on their 2nd annual Wrong Fitment Fest at SAE Motorsports in Oceanside, California. Those that are not familiar with WFC should look forward to all things related to aggressive fitment on nearly every platform out there. WFC has been there since the beginning as a name dubbed by those that just did not understand; as you can see they are still going strong.

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Come enjoy yourself with some wrong fitment.

The impact a car has on our lives is an adventurous tale. It can be a journey of knowledge, experience, happiness, or even filled with misfortune. Nevertheless, we still pursue our passions till the end. Such a tale can be seen with Trevor Hartman’s 2007 Grey Mazdaspeed 3 from Brampton, Ontario. This is a follow up feature as seen on Stance Is Everything.

Trevor’s adventure with his MS3 was similar to most until the motor blew up on him, which got rebuilt. Once that happened, Trevor got the outside and inside rejuvenated in a different type of way.

Unlike most people looking to fit aggressive wheels with universal ZG fender flares riveted on their cars to give them that affordable wide body appearance; Trevor decided to mold the fender flares to the rear quarter panels, and widen the front fenders.
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The automotive community is a wide spread entity, making its home in every country in the world. However, we are so disconnected in the content within these countries that we miss out on appreciating a lot of the automotive creativity.  Lucky for us with the boom of social media, we are able to have a glance at the content available throughout the world. This is the case with Richard Andre’s 2011 Grey Mica Mazda 2 from Jakarta, Indonesia. For those not familiar with Indonesia, it is a land of thousands of islands that are between Australia and Asia.

Richard’s Mazda 2 started it’s journey at the Indonesia International Motor Show in 2011. The journey began as an inspiration for purchasing something unlike other city cars like the Honda Jazz/Fit or Toyota Yaris, which are really popular in Indonesia.  While the purpose of Richard’s choice was to to use the Mazda 2 as a daily driver for his every day life with no plans to modify the car.

But, it took Richard only 6 months to start discovering the Mazda 2 community on the forums, which showed him all sides of modifications and taste. During Richard’s first event with this community, he came to realize that this community was not the place for him.
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