Hamasaki | Rinku 7Day

Its that time of the year again in Western Japan, where one of the biggest RX-7 events is held at Rinku Park in Osaka, Japan. This event brings nearly 300+ RX-7 enthusiasts together to enjoy their creations, and socialize with other lovers of the platform. Our friend, Yoshiyuki Hamasaki, was able to attend this year and share with us a few pictures with his 2001 Sunburst Yellow RX-7 FD3S.

Yoshiyuki brought out his FD3S running a new set of wheels. SSR Professor MS1.

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Fitted Toronto

Fitted Toronto, Canada is one of the multiple events from Fitted Lifestyle, a unique outlet of automotive, sport, music, and hobbies. It is where style reigns supreme, and quite simply, where you want to be seen! Here is a few pictures of the some Mazdas that I was able to see.


Starting off with a good friend of mine, Jordan Tessier-Boutin. He has been attending Fitted for a while now as you might of seen him last year in his silver RX-7 on AirRex suspension and Work Meister S1 3P wheels. Again, he stuck with a rotary, but went a different path with his suspension and wheel set up. My favorite part of the whole car was the antique Quebec plate as its the small details that count.


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Stance Is Not A Crime | J-P’s Mazdaspeed 3

Imagine every time you take out your car you leave the house with fear in the back of your head that at any moment you could get pulled over for basically driving and doing what you love. The laws in Quebec, Canada as a lot of you reading this are aware, involves stretched tires, camber, suspension modification, and much more…This is slowly getting cars off the road due to impounds and crazy fines. This is Jean-Phillipe’s 34k Crystal White Pearl Mazdaspeed 3.

It was the first time meeting JP and I can tell you that it has been a while since I’ve seen a Mazda this clean from front to back. Everything looked brand new in box. JP learned a lot from his fully bolted first generation MS3 that he previously owned before this beauty.

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MIX-Nuts is a car gathering in Hiroshima, Japan, which show cases a variety of different cars, just like the name suggestions. This year was the first time this gathering was held with more than 100 cars that participated. Here is a highlight of the Mazdas that came out to socialize.

There was also a decent variety of makes of Mazdas that came out to play, from Mazdaspeed3s to Miatas.

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Benoit’s MS6

The sparkle of passion can begin at any age to express your life in a way that is unique to yourself. This is why so many people are often unsatisfied with their own car builds. This passion can be seen with Benoit Turmel’s 2007 Charcoal Grey Mazda Mazdaspeed6 from Quebec, Canada.

Benoit’s passion for cars and all things Mazda started with his first car, a 1991 Mazda 323, that eventually turned into owning a Mazda Protege with a custom turbo setup. Now that passion has lead him to the Mazdaspeed6, which is a pretty rare car to modify.

He was inspired by the aggressive stance that was beginning to get more and more popular with car builds, and wanted to express that in his own way on the Mazdaspeed6. Benoit loved the fact that it completely changes the look of the car with your own personal touch.

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You can plan as much as you want, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. For Jiang Zhifeng (江志峰) the plan of finding a Ford Focus in Taiwan was lost when his friend pointed him in the direction of a  clean Crystal White Pearl Mazdaspeed 3. However, the similarities between the chassis didn’t make this such an issue in the end.

Jiang was able to express his creative freedom on the car, just like any car enthusiast should be; building it for himself and growing to the love the car more and more. But, that fascination is something his wife will never understand.

He wanted to keep it OEM and maintain it to be clean as possible, which you can see is executed well.

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Hawaii Love

It has been awhile since we have posted Brad Pearl’s Mazdaspeed3 from Hawaii here on MF. Brad is one of our oldest supporters, and we have watched his car progress through the years. And so we love to support those that support what we are about. If you want to share what you got with us, then be sure to send us an email at MazdaFitment@MazdaFitment.com

Last time we saw Brad post here it was back in 2012:
That sure was awhile ago, and the car is sporting a different overall stance now.

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SevenStock 17

SevenStock is one of the largest rotary powered engine gatherings in the world since 1998. The mission behind this event has barely changed at all 17 years later as it is still for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. SevenStock 17 was held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, which has plenty of space for those showing support by having their car in the show area or putting their car out on the track.

Some cars we spotted in the spectator parking area.

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The Next Generation

From generation to generation Mazda has taken different directions with the way they build their cars from the interior soul to the exterior skin of the car. However, it has been awhile since there has been such a profoundly positive direction to the Mazda models; being praised by the whole automotive community. The current generation of Mazda models are inspired by the KODO design direction, which bring back the powerful stance of the car.

This can be seen on Yatabe Kiyomasa’s 2014 Mazda Axela from Ibaraki, Japan.

This shows off the simple modifications to the new generation Mazda 3 that can set the car apart from stock as more aftermarket support is given to the car.

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iAcrophobia MS3

No matter where life takes you from across the country to another continent, you will always be a car enthusiast to the end. This is the case for Dongguang Li who ended up about 7400 miles (~11900 kilometers) from home in Martin, Tennessee with his Liquid Silver 2010 Mazdaspeed3.

Dongguang was originally from Zhengzhou, China, but his education took him across the world to Martin, Tennessee to study at University of Tennessee at Martin. But, despite the distance and change in lifestyle in American, he still stayed an automotive enthusiast.

Eventually, he was able to continue his passion for cars in Tennessee when he purchased his 2010 Mazdaspeed3.

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