Six Wagon

The Mazda 6 wagon is another variation that doesn’t exist in North America due to poor demand for such a model, but it is available in other parts of the world. This is pretty sad because wagons are just beautiful with their additional body lines/features. Our friend Junpei Sato from Yuzawa, Japan was able to get his hands on a 2013 Snow White Pearl Mazda Atenza wagon.

Junpei just started with this car, and kept it really simple with the essentials first. Pretty amazing how the essentials can make a car that much more appealing.

First, his suspension of choice was to go with Largus fully adjustable coilovers. Second, his shoe of choice for the wagon is a set of Work Wheels. Work Meister S1. 18×9 +18 with a 215/40/18 front and 18×10 +22 with a 225/40/18 rear.

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Rebirth of the White Lotus – Dead End


Starting from where I left off in part one (Full Circle) we had just started redesigning the trunk setup and talking about front camber. Since then I’ve finished installing the first variation of the trunk design as well as all the new suspension components. From then till now I’ve learned quite a bit more about the car and about myself. With regret I do admit that I failed to accurately document everything that had been done. Nonetheless, lets go through the little photos that I did take.

In the eight months that have passed I’ve driven the car for about six. I spent a little over a month “finishing” (not a good word to use around the GF) up everything for our anniversary meet in Las Vegas, Sin City Affair.

  • Finish front suspension assembly
  • Install front suspension assembly
  • Finish rear suspension assembly
  • Install rear suspension assembly
  • Finish designing trunk setup
  • Install new trunk setup
  • Alignment

Finishing the front suspension assembly was simple but with fault. The issue that I had with the compressed bag height had been combated with shortening the body of the lower strut mount, thus allowing the lowest point of the bag to be lower then before yielding the full travel of the suspension. However this also meant it required more pressure to raise the suspension to my previous driving height. The tophats required some finishing but really all that was left was to press in the studs. New top bag mount plates were water jetted and I ended up using my old lower bag mount from my previous setup. Last minute I decided to make some endlinks which were just some rod endings and stainless steel threaded rods. With the front suspension complete and installed I was able to put the front subframe on the ground which was what I was looking for, however the drive height was just too low. So now I’m stuck fine tuning the bag height as well as the strut length to get the most efficiency out of this setup. Nothing I’m not use to but a choir none the less.

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Mazda Fitment OG Tee

Our first t-shirt. The Mazda Fitment OG Tee.
In the traditional logo with our popular slogan, “Freshest Mazdas In The World.”

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Available on heather grey with black print.

Extra Large

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H2Oi 2014

H20 International started as a huge gathering of Volkswagen & Audi owners that wanted to show and enjoy other European cars at a quiet little campground in Ocean City, Maryland. Several years later; it has turned into complete car chaos. Car enthusiasts travel from all over the world to OCMD for just one weekend at the end of September to escape reality and cruise the strip with the friends that they have made through their automotive creations. If you have been to H2Oi, you know what I am talking about, and if you haven’t attended yet, we have tried our best to capture what the weekend is all about.

For many people, the craziness began on the Monday before the last weekend of September, but for us; it all started on the Friday morning. We started our voyage at Philadelphia International Airport where Shavi Wijegunaratne flew to all the way from SoCal to see what the weekend was all about.

Alex Walker 3.

We arrived in the early afternoon and immediately met up with some of the Mazda Fitment family. We drove across the street and parked at the famous Tap House parking lot; luckily we got there early and were able to get some good spots.

Alex and Scott.
Alex’s bagged Mazda 3 on SSR SP1’S.

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Texas MZ3

For an automotive enthusiast, a car is but a canvas to the imagination of the enthusiast. Imagination is a powerful tool that helps transform dreams and ideas into reality. Such imagination and dreams were brewing in Nate King’s mind when he transformed his 2010 Black Mica Pearl Mazda 3 sport hatchback from Dallas, Texas into something of his own.

Nate has always been influenced by the cars he grew up with to create his own dreams and imagination of what kinds of cars to own, what he wants it to drive like, race them, and build them from the ground up.

Enjoying his surroundings at local events to see how many cool ideas, and how much hard work other people put into their own cars; helping motivate him with his own car.

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Mazda Fitment X Wrong Fitment Crew H2Oi 2014!

One of the biggest automotive gatherings on the eastern seaboard is H2Oi, and it is coming soon at the end of September; celebrating its 17 year anniversary. Mazda Fitment is proud to hold its first official Mazda Fitment H2Oi meet in collaboration with Wrong Fitment Crew in Ocean City, Maryland!

Facebook Event:

Date: Saturday, September 27, 2014

Time: 12:00pm (Noon) – 4:00PM

Location: Roses Parking Lot
200 94th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842

Facebook Event:

Come meet and greet fellow automotive enthusiasts, enjoy some cars, and socialize.
Be respectful to your surroundings and those around you. Be smart. Have fun.


VIP-Inspired RX-8

Are pictures really worth a thousand words? Do pictures speak louder than words? Pictures are yet but an accessory to a story, just as the story of Danny Brostein’s 2004 Midnight Blue Mazda RX-8 from Chicago, Illinois unfolds before us through these pictures.

How long have you owned your RX-8?
The car, as you know, has been through more stages than I can count. I’ve owned it for five years now.

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Luis’ FC RX7

Everything has beauty in some shape or form, but not everyone will see it. This can be seen with Luis Diaz’s 1991 Crystal White Mazda RX-7 FC3S GTU.

Luis has always been around Mazdas, and rotary powdered vehicles with the FC3S being his all time favorite. There is just something about the body lines, shape of the car, and the mid-80’s/early 90’s styling that gets Luis feeling some type of way that not everyone can relate to.

Feeling mesmerized by the beauty of the FC3S, this started out as a bare shell weekend project, which turned into the car you see now with the help of his mechanic dad. Now it is Luis’ daily driver, and being constantly worked on to improve every aspect of the car.
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