Indonesian MZ2

The automotive community is a wide spread entity, making its home in every country in the world. However, we are so disconnected in the content within these countries that we miss out on appreciating a lot of the automotive creativity.  Lucky for us with the boom of social media, we are able to have a glance at the content available throughout the world. This is the case with Richard Andre’s 2011 Grey Mica Mazda 2 from Jakarta, Indonesia. For those not familiar with Indonesia, it is a land of thousands of islands that are between Australia and Asia.

Richard’s Mazda 2 started it’s journey at the Indonesia International Motor Show in 2011. The journey began as an inspiration for purchasing something unlike other city cars like the Honda Jazz/Fit or Toyota Yaris, which are really popular in Indonesia.  While the purpose of Richard’s choice was to to use the Mazda 2 as a daily driver for his every day life with no plans to modify the car.

But, it took Richard only 6 months to start discovering the Mazda 2 community on the forums, which showed him all sides of modifications and taste. During Richard’s first event with this community, he came to realize that this community was not the place for him.
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Royal Origin Presents Sin City Affair

It’s that time of the day, time of the month, time of the year, time of the time, where our supporters, friends, lovers, and family all get together to celebrate the anniversary of Royal Origin.

Again we are having our meet in Sin City in collaboration with LV Racing Scene and Wa Da Pho food truck, where what happens in Vegas is on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. We got permission from Clarion Hotel Las Vegas to use their parking lot, so we won’t get kicked out by the cops. It fills about 300+ cars, so please join us in our Sin City Affair.

Facebook Event:

When: March 29th, 2014

Where: Clarion Hotel Las Vegas
305 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Time: 3:00PM – whenever we feel like it should end.

Special Hotel Rate – Clarion Hotel Las Vegas
March 28-30 ONLY

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Hamasaki’s FD3S

There is nothing that beats the styling and presence of a Mazda RX-7 FD. It doesn’t matter what engine you have in there, it is a car you would keep for generations. Nearly 12 years since the FD was last in production, and it is still a dream car to many, while also being a treat to see one tastefully modified. Such is the case with Yoshiyuki Hamasaki’s 2001 Sunburst Yellow RX-7 FD3S from Japan.

For Yoshiyuki, the passion and life style of an automotive enthusiast was passed down to him by his own father’s obsession with cars.

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Rebirth of the White Lotus – Full Circle

There was always an end goal in mind when I first started modifying the 3. The vision has changed a little from the original but the essences was always there. What does it even mean to have a goal for a car? It’s like the feeling you get when you hear a really good song, read more »

FatlaceTV – Tailored FD RX7

Here is highlight reel we produced for Hellaflush/FatlaceTV of Joel Budano’s 1993 Silver Stone Metallic Mazda RX-7 FD.

Featured here:

Filmed & Edited by Shavi Wijegunaratne
Also available on Vimeo:

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Finland 323 GTX

Falling in love with the automotive world can happen suddenly, but when it does it is one of the greatest passions in life. This is the case with Matti Nissinen and his 1990 Pure White Mazda 323 GTX from Kuopio, Finland.

Matti got into cars a little by accident. When he was younger he was into bikes, and rode all kinds of two wheeled motorized vehicles until he got his first car. For a long time he had a few Volkswagen cars; Golf MK2 and Jetta MK2. But, Matti found those cars pretty boring and dull over time.

Matti had a friend that actually bought this 323 GTX first. He never knew they made a 323 with  4WD and turbo charged. Eventually, Matti bought this from that friend. It was red, rusted, stock suspension, with beat up Cobra bucket seats, and on 5.5″ wide wheels.
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Stance Nation Japan G Edition

Since 2010 we have had the pleasure to see the birth of Stance Nation, and see it grow into a house hold name in the automotive community. If you are living under a rock, Stance Nation is home to the global stance game. Here we are nearly four years later, and Stance Nation has started to put together their own car show events. Their latest event called “Stance Nation Japan G Edition” takes us to the land of the rising sun, Japan, where the best of Japan gathered together at Fuji Speedway.

Luckily for us our friend Daisuke Ozaki got the chance to enter his car into the show and sent some pictures our way to share with our lovers.
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Sin City Roadster

Growing up we are surrounded by the automotive world, inspiring us till the day we are able to get our first car. Our first car becomes our canvas, using our inspirations to mold it to the way we want it to be. Such is the case with Anthony Dela Merced’s 1995 Classic Red Mazda Miata from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anthony has always had a passion for cars since he was a kid. Growing up his father had a two door Toyota Corona, and his two brothers always had Corollas. These inspired him when he was first looking for his first car to modify. At the time he was in search for an older Toyota, however, weeks of searching on Craigslist without finding anything to his liking and budget Anthony started looking at different makes/models of cars.

After much needed research on the Miata platform, Anthony saw how much potential the car had. As a result, this eventually lead Anthony to finding his Miata in North Hollywood, California.
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MF Seal Stickers

Circular 3″ inch in diameter MF Seal die-cut stickers.

Available now in Chrome, Shiny Gold, and Confetti.
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