Fierce Fuchsia Mazda 2 Sedan

The availability of certain models or variations can vary by region due to the demands in those regional markets. Here is something quite unique and interesting to see. The Mazda 2 in the sedan variant, which really looks like a micro version of the MZ3 sedan. In most regional markets, the MZ2 aka Demio was more focused on the hatchback version, while in others, both the hatchback and sedan options were offered. Not to mention exterior wise this variant was even introduced as a Toyota Yaris iA in some regional markets. Regardless, this sedan version still reflects the Mazda Kodo design that emphasizes sleek lines and a dynamic appearance. Today, we have Amaury Cruz‘s 2020 Gloss Fierce Fuchsia MZ2 Sedan from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We got to chat with Amaury briefly about his unique MZ2 sedan.

So, Amaury why did you choose the Mazda 2 sedan?

“I have never seen a stanced MZ2 sedan and I wanted to build something different.”

What inspired the way you modified the car?

“I am a fan of the Instagram page @cambered and @bippu japan, so I drew a lot of my inspiration from them.”

Then what would you say was the biggest challenge with modifying the MZ3?

“My biggest challenge was importing parts from Thailand and modifying the front and rear axle.”

And any future plans we can expect to see with this build?

“My future plans will be to swap it with a Mazda 3 GTX 2.5 engine.”

Lastly, anyone you to thank for helping with the car?

” I want to mainly thank my wife for her unconditional support, Tio Canelo Fitment, PR Bags, OffBeat, Bullies_Alliance, Abelfabpart, Naldo Tint’s, Mr Strech are part of the work team in my project.”

-Airlift 3P Performance
-D2 bagged coilover with camber plates
-Heritage Formula 3pc wheels
-Heritage stars lug nuts
-Abelfabpart custom blast pipe
-Drive68 imported bodykit
-Harleyquinn custom interior combined with carbon fiber
-Cleared headlights, taillights & bumper reflectors
-Bronze tint

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing this unique variation of the Mazda 2. And thank you to Amaury for sharing this with us.


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