Stance:Nation Placentia Meet & Greet Coverage

The Placentia Stance Nation Meet and Great was very different than the other 2 locations; one in San Jose and the other in Chicago. It was very laid back and quite unorganized compared to other stance events in the past, and the atmosphere of this meet was quite weird. Despite all this, it was good to see all the stance heads come together and show support for something they love.  Also, for myself not being able to bring my car out with its new stanced look, it was not disappointing at all since I was able to make it out there and hangout with friends. And because the rest of the SCM crew was there representing….it ended up as good times being had. Thank you Stance:Nation for putting this together!

Here is a video made by Richie Wong. You can see the variety of cars that hit up this meet and greet.

Stance Nation from Richie Wong on Vimeo.




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