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Thank you so much to Fatlace/Hellaflush, and Formula D for hosting this show. There was a big variety of show cars at this show. Anywhere from full on show cars to daily drivers to track cars as far as the eye could see.

My day started on Friday morning trying to figure out when I was going to prep my car since it was raining ashes in my city due to a big building fire a few blocks away from my house… The fire was finally put out, and the ashes stopped raining at 6PM. Got my car washed, and did a small detail. I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited for the show. Let’s fast forward to the morning of.

With the car clean, and packed full of cleaners, and a canopy I set off to pick my guest up, and set off to the SCM staging spot. We grabbed some coffee to fuel us for the long day ahead of us, and set off for Irwindale.

Once we arrived at Irwindale we signed in, got our wristbands, and the great staff helped line up the cars. We spent plenty of time prepping our cars. Wiping down the dust on the body, and spiffied up our wheels and tires. This was the first car show I have ever participated in, and I was speechless. There were so many beautiful cars parked side by side, and all the owners were very cool. I finally got to see Candlestickpark’s G35 Sedan in person, and his sedan almost swung me away from my Mazda before I bought it. One of my favorite cars hands down.

We baked in the sun for hours, and found relief in the shaded areas around Irwindale. Then it was drift competition time. This was the first Formulda D event I’ve been to in 3 years, and I don’t know why I stopped going to them. I had a good time getting tire smoke thrown at me with the crowd cheering, and the drivers putting it all on the line to give the crowd an amazing show.

Formula D, ONEofONE showcase was an amazing event, and I’m positive all of SCM had a great time. Until next time here are some photos shot by Rocky, and I.

They all can be found at Rocky’s Flickr
And here is a video from Rocky’s brother, Richie. Enjoy the awesomeness.

One of one from Richie Wong on Vimeo.


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