Formula Drift x Slammed Society Show Case – Long Beach, CA

MazdaFitment and our close group of friends from Royal Origin were able to attend the first round of Formula D in Long Beach, which also included the Slammed Society Show Case held by Fatlace. A lot of things happened the day of the event from media access onto the track, showing our cars in the show case, and of course enjoying the burning rubber fill our nostrils.  We will let you judge at how the first round of Formula D and the first Slammed Society Show Case went with a look at our pictures and video by Richie Wong.

Kyle Mohan driving for Mazdatrix/Nexen in his 2010 Mazda RX8 built with a turbocharged two rotor Mazda 13B engine. Mohan placed 5th overall in Round 1. Showing what Mazda is all about this season.

Walker Wilkerson driving for Fatlace/Garage Autohero/Intec Racing in his 1992 Nissan 240sx built with 2.3L Stroker SR20DET. Our good friend Walker took 11th place in his first debut into Formula D this season. Hoping for the best for him and his team for the next rounds to come.

Daijiro Yoshihara driving for Falken Tire in his 1993 Nissan 240sx built with 6.7L v6, taking 3rd place overall.

Matt Field driving for Fatlace/Blacktrax/Sokodu Designs in his 1997 Nissian 240sx built with a LS1, taking 13th place overall. This is his second season at Formula Drift.

Rhys Millen driving for Red Bull/Hankook in his 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe v6, taking 7th overall. Good to see Millen back at it again in this years season with those RPF1s on.

And then just adjacent to the drifting action was the Slammed Society Show Case by Fatlace.  Here is a video of the Slammed Society Show Case, which is part of Formula D this season replacing the One of One show case of the previous season.  Enjoy what you see.  Video by Richie Wong for

Slam Society ShowCase from Richie Wong on Vimeo.


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