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When you thought you knew every Mazda3/Mazdaspeed3 out there that was all into this fitment/aggressive setup obsession. This guy comes out of no where to show us something done differently, but yet another coming to us from the islands of Hawaii. This is how we felt when we first laid our eyes on this car when it was featured on our close friend’s blog over at Stance:Nation not too long ago. Here is Mark’s Mazdaspeed3 shot again just for MF by Justin Reed.

What is similar to all other 3s out there is that it is also sitting on BC Racing Coilovers. While, the difference between everyone out there is the wheel size. Mark is rocking Work VS-KF’s in Burning Black finish.  The front wheel specs are 19 x 9 +38 with a 15mm spacer, and the rear specs are 19 x 10 +26 with a 3mm spacer. All wrapped with Kumhos in 215/35/19 all around. It is nice to see 19 inch wheels that flow with the car and does not look too odd for being bigger than stock diameter.

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The side-profile of the car shows its flush and a little bit of poke are on done right on this setup, and how its nice to have a nice dish to your wheel of  choice.  While, the beautiful city of Honolulu, Hawaii in the background shot shows a little-bit of what life is like there. These photos makes you want to visit Hawaii and go on vacation on these tropical islands.

Mark wanted the front and rear ends to be aggressive and so decided to go with the typical GV front lip & rear spoiler lip. Additionally, putting side canards for an even more aggressive look to the front end; another thing  you do not see. While also wanting to have a clean body look to it, he removed the side-moldings and de-badging the rear.  One of those free modifications that appeal to certain people out there. Definitely a popular thing to do though.

To get the rear to fit how we see it today, Mark modified his stock unadjustable rear camber arms by replacing them with adjustable ones from Dominant Engineering. Shout out to Dominic for producing these lovely things for the community.

Nevertheless, Mark has demonstrated a different styling with the 3 taking advantage of going with 19 inch wheels.  While, we can list everything Mark has done to the car besides cosmetic stuff, this is modified very similarly to every other Mazdaspeed enthusiast that wants improved power and response out of these cars. We hope you enjoy his aesthetic appeal as we did, and I am sure there are a few things everyone would change if they owned this car or other cars featured on MF. But, we are here to enjoy these various cars for their own styling techniques.  And so, thank you Mark for letting us feature your car on this setup on MF, and Justin Reed for always supporting and providing us with content. Love you both.

Enjoy the picture gallery below, and thank you  for reading.


Fitment Game

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