Movies and video games are influential on a person’s hobbies and interest without you even knowing it. It can transform a child growing up, who thinks its all just purely for entertainment into a way of life in your adult years. This is how Mateusz Chudy Grochal from Krakow, Poland got into cars, and eventually his Sunlight Silver Metallic 2005 Mazda 3 1.6 diesel.

img_1722Chudy remembers always being into cars since his first word as a baby was “car.” But, it wasn’t until he watched a French movie from 1998 called “Taxi,” which made him fall in love with modified cars. This and Need For Speed  is how it all started for Chudy to become obsessed with modified cars.





Chudy chose the Mazda 3 because he was searching for a Japanese car that was different than the majority of cars on the streets of Poland, and Mazda was pretty unique in the 2000s in Poland as there were no official Mazda dealers. This lead him to importing the car from Germany choosing the 1.6 diesel variant in the exclusive sport version.






After owning it for a couple of years and modifying the car it has made a great first impression thanks to its overall body lines combined with the ATH-Hinberger  styling package, which has become such a neck breaker.




The wheel wells got nicely filled with Blitz Technospeed Z1 wheels straight from Japan with the specs being 19×9 all around with 3″ and 4″ lips. The suspension is a custom air ride setup made by Czesław Customizer based on a Weitec Hicon GT coilover kit with short front shocks and James Baron Racing rear camber arms.


img_1712 img_1526Chudy always wanted a Mazdaspeed 3, but it was too expensive back in the day. However, due to unfortunate events for one of my friends from New Jersey, he was able to get the full interior, rear spoiler, and the exhaust. This was like the icing on the cake for him as these added a lot of sporty character to the car.

img_1548 img_1544

Modification List:

-Air Ride by Czeslaw Customizer:

– Tank 20l powder-painting in the color of gunmetal.

– 2 pcs. compressors Viair 380C.

– Two relays and one sensor.

– Switches integrated with pressure gauges on the board.

– Pressure Gauges Viair 2 “single and dual-illuminated in the color of the cockpit.

– Fittings and pillows in this set have entered the best – front 3 snowmen, back two low – powder-coated.

– 1/4 5/3 Asco Valves and valve terminal 1/4 compact by Czeslaw.

– Wires 6mm polyamide (tekalan).

– Connectors and twisted metal.

– Wires in a steel braided, shackles, metal, twisted.

– Drain the external trap between the cylinder and valves.

– Raising the floor in the trunk (MDF), a tank outside the rest of the parts hidden in the wheel housing under the floor.

– BLITZ TECHNOSPEED Z1 19 “x 9″ !! Dishes 4″ and 3”

– Adjustable rear arms: James Baron Racing USA,

– Coilovers Weitec HICON GT (top model) with short stroke of the pistons!

– Mookeh Camber plates – or adjustable (angle) position of the front mcpersons.

– BODY-KIT: The bodykit ATH HINSBERGER – rare.

Difficult to access parts of the MAZDASPEED3 (no mps) is:

– Rear spoiler – with third Led brake light,

– Short antenna,

– Exhaust 2.5 “with a beautiful stainless steel tip with a Mazdaspeed3!

– Complete center-alcantara leather with embroidered logo Mazdaspeed3 with red stitching,

– Leather bellows with the Mazdaspeed3

– Aluminum risers with the Mazdaspeed3

Chudy would like to give a big shout out to all the homies from ALGMNT  Raceism, and Patolsquad! And thanks to Chudy for sharing this with us and being a long time lover here. There are plenty more pictures in the gallery below. Thanks for viewing.

Fitment Game

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