ihartmyhatchie’s new look

Rocky decided to do a shoot with my car today because I’ve got a new look going. I finally got the shorter springs for my rear coilovers, and lowered the fronts all the way without removing the helpers. My wheels finally came back from the powdercoaters in a special color I’ve been dying to have for months! Most people that saw that my wheels had disappeared were informed that they were bent, and being repaired… They were surprised to see the outcome of the “repair.”

I’m very happy with the outcome of the car, and only need to do a bit more fine tweaking to get my stance perfect in my eyes. It’s amazing where the “fitment game” has taken me, but I’m quite happy with the results. I’m even happier about how these pictures came out. Rocky did an amazing job.

Thanks to Rocky for all the advice, and shooting these photos for me.


Fitment Game

fitmentHatchiemazdaspeed 3


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