Meats and Crews Coming Soon – April 2nd



Taking over the strip one car at a time…

This is an event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 2nd. You know how you’re always talking and interacting with your friends over the forums or other social networks. Well, our group of friends out here in Southern California will be rolling to Las Vegas for the weekend to meet our other group of friends over there. People refer to our group of friends over in SoCal as the HoodRats, we are not a crew, but really just very close friends and just use that word to describe us as we do…HoodRat Stuff! And so we will be meeting our group of friends over there, called the Low Ballers, which is actually a very well-know crew out there.

A little preview of what to expect from just leaving SoCal is that we will be rolling out there at about 20 deep in cars to Las Vegas. Sounds amazing just by telling you guys that number. So, just imagine the possibilities of this event now.  We expect to see some amazing stuff from this event, and hopefully meet some of you guys who are able to make it to this.

Save the date! 04/02/2011


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