Spring Time

It is spring time in Japan and the flowers are starting to bloom. Just like these new flowers, our buddy, Ken Sakai, has changed his ride with a new look. Coming from Miyaki-gun, Saga, Japan is this Sepang Bronze (BMW color) Mazdaspeed Axela.

What’s new? Ken decided to change it up with TSW Valencia wheels, Stage21 front lip, and some light body work to get everything pristine looking again.

We have always loved the color Ken decided to repaint his Mazdaspeed Axela. It is a BMW color code called Sepang Bronze, which actually looks at home on this.

Ken went with 18×9.5 +20 TSW Valencia wheels with 215/40/18 Nitto Neogen tires all around.

Still sitting pretty on XYZ coilovers with 140mm 15k springs.

Thank you for the Mazda Fitment love, Ken!

Modification List
-Sepang Bronze painted
-Stage21 Front Lip spoiler
-Rear fender made from griddle (10mm wider)

-Titanium color shift knob

-XYZ Coilover Kit +spring 140mm 15k
-Original shortening rear upper arm

Wheels / Tires
-TSW valencia 18inch 9.5J+20
–NITTO Tire NEOテクGEN 215/40/18
-SICKSPEED Anodized Lugnuts

Thank you Ken for sending this in for us to share. Hope you guys enjoy. There are more pictures in the image gallery below. Thank you.

Fitment Game

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  • Hey, was just wondering how i can get my hands on that front number plate holder or something similiar.


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