White Eyed Sedan

Friends and family play an important role in shaping a person’s behavior and beliefs. Luckily for Joey Fulginiti those influences led him into owning his 2012 Crystal White Pearl Mazda 3 sedan from Quebec, Canada, and getting into modifying cars.

5_HDJoey fell into owning the car we see today because of his father, brother, and family all own Mazdas as well. So, it was no surprise Joey would end up with one as well.

3_HDJoey didn’t get hooked to the car game until he started visiting Futureshop.  There he met a guy that owned a Genesis, which eventually become one of Joey’s best friends. They would always talk about cars and whats next in terms of his mods, as time went on, Joey wanted to immerse himself into the car world as well.

2_HDThe direction of the modifications to the car right now are purely on the simple and clean side. Because the area that Joey lives, it can influence the way you modify the suspension and other areas of your car. Out in Quebec it can be pretty strict.


4_HDJoey equipped his suspension with a full digital AirRex system.


9_HDAnd decided to go with a set of VIP Modular VRC110 in 18×9 and 18×9.5 all around.



Modification List
Custom Headlights “White Housing”
V-Limited STI front lip
AllDayFab Lower Control Arms
Acura TL Trunk Lip
Ez Lip Sides
HID 6000k Top & Bottom
Window Tints Limo
Fender Roll & Pull
Custom Trunk Hardwood Floor
2x 12inch Kicker Subs Molded into flooring
Alpine Speaker Amp & Sub Amp
Alpine 6×8 Speakers Allfourdoors
Wheels VIP VRC110 18×9/18×9.5
AirREX Digital Air Management
AirREX Air Bag System

Joey tells us that is just the beginning for his passion for cars. He sends special thanks to Air Society, AirRex, VIP Modular, Strasse Autowerk, Plaza Performance, Cimon Brouillette, KNS Autosport, and Mazda Fitment.

Special thank you from us to Cimon for the awesome photography as always.
Be sure to check out more of his work at:

Fitment Game

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