Kyle’s SLAMMED daily mx5

I remember the first time I saw this car on speedhunters, definitely a treat to see it in person. Kyle is definitely a cool kat, and we look forward to his progress. If anyone is interested hes actually selling this beauty, contact me and I can get you more information.


Fitment Game



  • Absolute sick mx dude. Just bought my first one there recently and I am crazy looking for wheels. What wheel sizes/offset are you running? Was there much work to fit when keeping standard arch?

  • duuude! i’ve seen this car!
    he goes to my school!

    i’ve definitely seen this at OCC!

  • Hey, not sure how to contact you, but Im looking for a NA and this would fit the bill. If you could email me his info or how to contact him I would appreciate it. My email was entered, please use that.

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