Help Find Tina’s Miata!

This is my girlfriend’s 94 miata. It has been her first car for a little over a year now. And for that year or so I shared a bond with my girlfriend that I rarely share with others. This, no one can ever take away from us… but today someone decided to take away a piece of it. Her car was stolen today at her school (Pasadena City College) between the hours of 7am-5pm… We have already contracted school security, and have filed a police report. But if anyone hears, see, etc anything please contact me asap @ 909 257 7658

we appreciate any, and all your help. Thanks – RW

White 94 Mazda Miata (LP# 4HJN285)
-Stance GR+ coilover
-Work Euroline DH 15×7 +3 15×8 -10 175/50
-Candy teal powder coated valve cover
-Rose shift knob

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