Royal Flush RX-8

Here is a highlight video and some pictures of Derek Lum’s static 2005 Whitewater Pearl RX-8 from San Gabriel, California.

Filmed & Edited By: Shavi W.
Additional clips: Vu Pham

Modification List
-Status seats
-Kenwood Double Din
-Feed front bumper
-Burnout side skirts
-ings+ rear bumper
-Powertrix coilovers
-Custom Swift springs
-HKS Hi Power exhaust
-Garson Ryugi 18×11+10

This post has been long overdue and Derek is already onto his next ideas for the car. So look out for another photo shoot with an updated version of Derek’s RX-8. Hope you enjoyed the video and photos. Till next time.

Fitment Game

18x1118x11+10burnoutcambercoiloversderekderek lumFeedfitmentfront bumperGarsonGarson RyugigarsonsingsInstagrammazdaMazda FitmentMazdaFitmentmazdafitment.compowertrixRollingrotaryRoyal FlushRoyalFlushRWDrx-8rx8ryugiSE3Pshavishavi wShaviWside skirtsslammedSpringsStaticSwiftVideowankel

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