Stance Is Not A Crime | J-P’s Mazdaspeed 3

Imagine every time you take out your car you leave the house with fear in the back of your head that at any moment you could get pulled over for basically driving and doing what you love. The laws in Quebec, Canada as a lot of you reading this are aware, involves stretched tires, camber, suspension modification, and much more…This is slowly getting cars off the road due to impounds and crazy fines. This is Jean-Phillipe’s 34k Crystal White Pearl Mazdaspeed 3.

It was the first time meeting JP and I can tell you that it has been a while since I’ve seen a Mazda this clean from front to back. Everything looked brand new in box. JP learned a lot from his fully bolted first generation MS3 that he previously owned before this beauty.

Sitting on SSR GTV01 (18 X 9.5 +35) wrapped in a set of Hankook Ventus V12 225/40/R18. JP made them fit right at home with excellent fitment.

Suspension was done very neat with air suspension as he managed to keep the spare wheel and his Bose AMP.  JP is currently aired out on Air Lift Performance Package, witch means it has the performance struts (30 click damping adjustment on 4 corners), the rear Air Lift LCAs, Autopilot v2 management, front camber plates, Viair 380c single compressor, 4 gallon polished Air Lift tank, and 45 degree angled false wood floor. We will be providing some air suspension parts on our online store soon. Be on the look out for good deals.

With the laws and new priorities in his life, JP decided it was the time to end it all this summer, and part out the MS3. If you are curious, his next pick up is a brand spanking new 2015 Jeep Wrangler. A lot different than his past loves.

Modification List

Wheels: SSR GTV01 (18 X 9.5 +35) – Hankook Ventus v12 225/40/R18.

Engine : BOV

Suspension : Airlift Performance Package, rear Air Lift LCA’s, Auto Pilot v2 management, front camber plates, Viair 380c single compressor, and 4 gallon polished air lift tank

Owned by : Jean Phillipe Parent

Article written by : Alec Lessard

Pictures taken by : Alec Lessard


After the set of pictures we met up with some locals for a meet hosted by their crew called LowLevel. Here is a nice FD3S RX-7 spotted on Work CR-Kai, owned by Cedric Breton-Vincent

Fitment Game

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  • SIK wheels nad car I have a mazda 3 and was thinking of getting these…SSR says they are glare silver but I have no idea what glare silver is?

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