Fitted Toronto

Fitted Toronto, Canada is one of the multiple events from Fitted Lifestyle, a unique outlet of automotive, sport, music, and hobbies. It is where style reigns supreme, and quite simply, where you want to be seen! Here is a few pictures of the some Mazdas that I was able to see.


Starting off with a good friend of mine, Jordan Tessier-Boutin. He has been attending Fitted for a while now as you might of seen him last year in his silver RX-7 on AirRex suspension and Work Meister S1 3P wheels. Again, he stuck with a rotary, but went a different path with his suspension and wheel set up. My favorite part of the whole car was the antique Quebec plate as its the small details that count.



Repping StanceEast far from home , Pier-luc Levesque, came down all the way from Moncton, New Brunswick. Making it a 16 hour drive to Toronto. Laying out on Airlift suspension and Weds Kranze LXZ wheels all around.




Well known, Dave Thomas from StanceIsEverything, brought out his newly acquired Mazdspeed3 to its first show. His last Mazda3 got in an accident and he came right back out with a different set up looking better then ever. Aired out on Airlift performance series air suspension and MTechinca wheels.


Brock Charlton’s second generation Mazda3 static on Weds Kranze Vishunu.



Sreekar Tripuranthakam is the new owner of the AirRex suspension setup I used to have on my 06 Mazda3 sedan. Loved the white on white theme. Keeping the sedans alive.



Gerald Gabourie’s Mazdaspeed3 on a bag over KW V3 coilovers and Work VS-XX wheels.


Written by : Alec Lessard

Pictures by : Alec Lessard

Instagram : @A__lessard

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