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Its that time of the year again in Western Japan, where one of the biggest RX-7 events is held at Rinku Park in Osaka, Japan. This event brings nearly 300+ RX-7 enthusiasts together to enjoy their creations, and socialize with other lovers of the platform. Our friend, Yoshiyuki Hamasaki, was able to attend this year and share with us a few pictures with his 2001 Sunburst Yellow RX-7 FD3S.

Yoshiyuki brought out his FD3S running a new set of wheels. SSR Professor MS1.

The wheels definitely make a different look for the car than what we usually see when he was on Work CR-Kai.

The many RX-7 owners filled up the parking lot for Rinku Park easily. This is just a free open meet, but in a larger scale. All you have to do is just pay for the parking spot, and you can send hours walking around and having fun.

Thanks Yoshiyuki for sharing these pictures with us. Hopefully we see more coverage being posted of the other cars as well that got to attend.

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