PL Levesque’s MZ3 Hatch

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

For Pier-Luc Levesque from Moncton, New Brunswick and his 2013 Velocity Red Mica Mazda 3 hatch, he had no idea that he would end up getting into the automotive realm.

Pier-Luc kept seeing pictures around social media of other car builds, and also having moved into a new town, he didn’t know anyone else in the area. Driving around at night and seeing the meets around town all night had him wanting to be a part of this; to have friends that had the same interests as he did.

After a few weeks of having the car, he found a set of cheap coilovers from a local guy, and soon was slammed on a set of cheap wheels (isn’t this where we all started? nah?).

It wasn’t long until Pier-Luc started hanging out with those local guys he would see around, and became friends with more people through cars. Those people ended up being the guys over at StanceEast, which he is truly proud to represent.

Car life for Pier-Luc around New Brunswick isn’t all that bad at all. They pretty much have meets and events every weekend of the summer, and the police haven’t being bothering them like they do in Quebec for example (*knock on wood*). But, one of the things he doesn’t enjoy is being really far from the major automotive events like H2Oi, SoWo, Wekfest, and etc… They would have to drive a good 17 hours to attend H2Oi, but it is truly worth it for all the like-minded individuals you get to meet even if it is only once or twice a year.

Modification List

Black Housing headlights
Blacked out Fog lights
Red tinted & clear coated taillights
Pulled\rolled fenders
Tinted rears windows + front sunshade
Blacked out rear bumper trim
Resonator + exhaust delete
Custom exhaust
6K HID headlights+ fog lights
V-Limited STI front lip
GV Rear wing

Hardwood trunk floor
Custom Stainless hardlines display
Dual 444cc compressors
Rockford Fosgate speakers
Kenwood Amplifier
Mazdaspeed 3 front leather seats
Custom leather upholstery on the trims
Wood grain shift knob

Full Air lift Performance air bag kit
V2 electronic management
Weds Kranze LXZ 18×9/18×9.5

Thanks Pier-Luc for sharing your ride with us. If you also want to share your ride with us, be sure to email us at

Fitment Game

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