Tale of Two Roadsters

Just a simple tale of two roadsters from Saga, Japan. This tale begins with the childhood influences of video games and anime; mainly Gran Turismo and Initial D, respectively. We have Takuji Umegane with the NB Miata on Work Meister CR-01, and Masaki Hanamura with the NB Miata on Work Equip 03.

Both are nearly twins from a front exterior view with the Garage Vary front lips, color, fitment, height, and hard tops.

Takuji started his tale with the interest of modifying cars through the popular driving simulation game, Gran Turismo. This eventually lead to obtaining the same Miata we see today from his dad with original condition.

Takuji just wanted to modify the Miata to have a clean appearance, despite not having many locals that were into the same style as he.

Garage Vary front lip and Garage Vary eyelids for that angry aggressive look.

Suspension set with KTS coilover system.

Takuji went with the beautiful Work Meister CR-01 in 15×9.5 all around.

Rear appearance change with the Jet Stream roof spoiler and trunk spoiler.

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Masaki started his tale with the interest of modifying cars through the popular anime, Initial D. It made him very excited to start drifting. He simple chose this Miata after he got to test drive the car, and found a strange connection to the way it felt driving this chassis.

The ultimate goal for Masaki’s Miata is to balance the maximum potential of the Miata at a race circuit and being Hellaflush. He is trying his best to make it faster and cooler in the feature.

Masaki equipped his roadster with a classic set of Work Equip 03s in 15×9.5 all around.

Modification List:

Takuji’s Miata
-Work Meister CR01
-15 x 9.5 +3 Front + Spacer 8mm
-15 x 9.5 +1 Rear + Spacer 3mm
-DIXCEL Slit Rotors

-KTS SC Damper System

-GARAGE VARY Front Lip Spoiler
-GARAGE VARY Headlight Eye Line
-Toyoshima Craft Side Spoiler
-Jet Stream Roof Spoiler & Trunk Spoiler

-One Off Exhaust System

Masaki’s Miata
-Work equip 03
-F 15×9.5 +16(A disk) + Spacer 20mm
-R 15×9.5 +13(O disk) + Spacer 10mm

-city 195/45r15

-track 195/50r15

-F Swift spring 18kg/mm
-R Swift spring 16kg/mm + TODA RACING-stroke up upper mount

-GARAGE VARY-NB1 Front Lip Spoiler

-BRIDE-LOW MAX (full bucket)
Reinforcement bar
-CUSCO-six point kit (roll cage)
-LAILE-BEATRUSH (brace bar)

-HKS-Air intake kit
-MAXIM WORKS-Exhaust manifold
-SARD-Sport Metal Catalyzer
-KSK automotive-One off muffler
-CUSCO-LSD MZ 1.5way
-KSK automotive-One off (no short)
-F,R NB turbo Genuine Stabilizer
-Original short stabilizer link
-Front Strut tower bar

Takuji and Masaki wants to shout out their team, Classy Crap, to everyone around the world. And we would like to thank them for sharing their rides with us.

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