Air Ride is Cool Too!

Coming to you from Dallas, Texas is a car with a suspension setup that is a very rare breed in the Mazda community. Here is Luis’ Crystal White Pearl Mica 2010 Mazda 3 hatchback on Mustang Saleen wheels with Universal Air suspension kit. But, before all of that Luis also has a 1999 Mazda Miata that he uses as a daily, autoX, and HPDE vehicle, and used to own a 2006 Audi A3 hatchback. When it came time to replace the A3, he was looking for something that offered the same versatility and features, but less maintenance costs. The 2nd generation Mazdaspeed 3 caught his eye, however, due to the fact that it is also another direct injection turbo car (the A3 is very similar … In fact, it uses the same Hitachi HPFP), he ended up getting a regular Mazda 3 hatchback to ensure optimal up time if his Miata were ever to break down.

Like most people Luis loves cosmetics and the exterior appeal of cars.  The previous Audi A3 had a full lip kit and a static drop, and he would have to replace the front lip on several occasions causing him a headache. In the end, going air ride with the Mazda 3 was the most logical solution to help save him from troubles.

The exterior of the car was set-off with a Kenstyle replica lip, M’z replica diffuser, and custom exhaust tips.

Wanting something that was not VIP or Japanese themed, Luis chose the 18 x 9 Saleen wheels. Concave and polished – definitely stands out and looks clean.

It has always been a great debate on static verses air suspension, while both sides have their pros and cons for the argument. Most people who are for static, meaning on a coilover system, such as BC Racing or Stance coilovers, argue that because the person is always stuck at a certain lowered ride height that they have more “street cred” or more “hardcore” or even more track oriented than those with air suspension. While, the air suspension individuals actual are not against being static, but on the other hand are the more knowledgeable ones to what air suspension can really do.  It is truly a misconception that air suspension is not track oriented, while if you were truly into motorsports you will see that there are fine winning examples of these types of systems on those vehicles preforming just as hard as those on coil-overs. It is true, however, that having air is the easy way to living the lowered life style without certain risks. But, there are those that ride just as low as those who are static with their air suspension, they just have the option to “air up” if they really wanted to. Nevertheless, I wanted to point out that you should not disregard air suspension, but also appreciate the work it took to get their suspension, lines, compressors, tanks, gauges, and management to work for their platform.

Modification List


  • Kenstyle replica lip
  • M’z replica diffusers
  • custom exhaust tips
  • rolled/pulled fenders


  • HID low beams
  • HID fog lights
  • LED license plate lights


  • Universal Air suspension kit
  • 18×9 Saleen wheels
  • 215/40/18


  • Sony AMP/Sub
  • Audio Integrations enclosure


  • Kustomz Unlimited
  • Underground Graphics
  • Marcus Chin Photography
  • NOS Energy Drink
  • Shining Monkey

Thank for you to Luis and Marcus Chin Photography for letting us share this ride with the community, it could not have been done without you two. And I hope everyone enjoys something a little different from the norm. Lastly, Luis wanted to make a quick shout out to his family, Team 16NiSS.

Fitment Game

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  • I am absolutely loving this car!! I have a 2010 Speed 3 and would really love to go with air ride. If there is anyway I could get in contact with the owner of this car, I have a bunch of questions about his set-up. So Luis, if you are reading this, drop me an email!! Thanks in advance!

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