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Winter is coming. For some automotive enthusiasts around the world the cold harsh season of winter is something they are forced to deal with to enjoy their cars during spring/summer. This is the case with Sylvain Laurin’s 1990 Mariner Blue Mazda Miata from Montreal, Canada that comes out to play every spring/summer, but goes into hibernation for the winter.

Like any kid this passion we have for cars started with Hot Wheels, posters, die casts, etc. Eventually the things we were nurtured with as a child takes fruition as we choose our own car. For Sylvain this ended up being a desire to have a NC generation Miata, however, things did not end up like they should be, and he ended up with the NA generation Miata we see today.

When Sylvain first got his Miata a few years ago, he knew very little about maintaining the car, but now he is proud to say that he built the car with his two hands.

Montreal has a growing Miata scene like anywhere else, it is getting more and more popular. Sylvain remembers when there would only be about 3-4 Miata guys at the local meets, and they would talk to each other like good friends. Now, there are too many Miata guys, that it is getting hard to remember their names.

Sylvain turned his ordinary NA Miata and turbocharged it with a Greddy TD04H @ 12PSI with many supporting modifications. Check the modification list below.  Also, adding detail to the engine setup with cutout White cam gears.

These are Bisimoto Fighter Special wheels in 15×8 +0 with a Toyo T1R 195/45 tire.  Looks right at home on Sylvain’s Miata.

Continuing the White accent theme, Sylvain added a BossFrog clearview single hoop roll bar, GripRoyal steering wheel, and TWM M1 Abrams shift knob to his interior.

Modification List
Greddy TD04H @ 12psi
Custom 2.5″ downpipe
Enthuza 2.5″ exhaust and test pipe
Custom 2.5″ intercooler setup
Greddy Type-S BOV
Toyota COPS conversion
Megasquirt DIYPNP
GrimmSpeed Manual Boost Controller
ARP HeadStuds
Mishimoto Radiator and fan shroud
Flying Miata Level 1 Clutch kit
RX-7 460cc injectors
M-Tuned reroute kit
GarageStar radiator cooling plate and wiper cowl

Bisimoto Fighter Special 15×8 et0
Toyo T1R 195/45

Project-G G-Wing
Project-G G-fuser system
AutoKonexion v2 ducktail
GV Style front lip
Smoked Signal Light
Rear Bumper Cutout
Muteki SR35

GripRoyal steering wheel
BossFrog ClearView SingleHoop
2002 NB seats
GarageStar Shift Extender with TWM M1 Abrams shift knob
DDM Works Gauge & Radio Surround

It isn’t over yet. Come next spring/summer 2014, Sylvain will be taking the Miata back to the basics. New coilovers, a wider Miata, wider tires, track time, and a lot more. Sylvain will like to give a shout out to his brother, who helped figure out the car with him. All the time they spent around the car is the best family time you could get. Also, to the rest of the family and girlfriend; they maybe clueless about what’s going on, but having them around is always a great thing. And the Miata buddies, who have come real friends over time. Lastly, to all the Miata businesses making quality Miata parts (Project-G, GarageStar, etc); keep up the good stuff.

For more pictures check out the gallery below. Thanks to Cimon Brouillette for sharing the photos with us. Check out more of his work at Cimon B Photography. Thanks.

Fitment Game

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