This was intended for our 10 year anniversary, but due to COVID-19 things didn’t go as planned. Here we are one year later to still bring you a limited edition t-shirt that involves inspirations that we use everyday to motivate us these past 11 years and beyond.

“Never Give Up!” coined by Mazda Japan in 2011 to inspire Japan to not give up because of the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami that greatly affected many. And since seen on the Mazda 787b/767b, which embodies Mazdas strive to never give up since the creation of Mazdas circuit race cars.



The Japanese “最も新鮮” translates to “Freshest,” which is part of our popular slogan over the years, “Freshest Mazdas In The World.”

These two combined has inspired us to never give up on our builds and dreams, and to strive to the be the freshest in anything we do.


Available on black with full color print. Printed on 100% cotton.


-Extra Large
-Double Extra Large

Shipped to anywhere in the world.

For any other inquiries, please email us at

Fitment GameNews

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