The first generation Mazdaspeed 3 has left a lasting impression on car enthusiasts as a hot hatch with a potent powertrain and engaging driving dynamics. While the Mazdaspeed 3 itself is now discontinued, the Mazda 3 continues to be a popular model. Today, you can still find car enthusiasts modifying the Mazdaspeed 3 for power and style. Here we have Mateo Maciel‘s Black/Purple 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 from Kalama, Washington. In a world of complete vinyl wraps, Mateo has a half vinyl wrap style, which deliberately blends two colors, allowing for a distinctive look from each side of the car. We got to talk to Mateo about his 628WHP 1st generation MS3 and why he did what he did.

Mateo, what lead you to owning the MS3? Did you come from something else?

“I came from having my first turbo charged car “Subaru WRX bugeye” unfortunately ice stuck and lead to being sold off. I always missed boost which lead to me owning a speed6 as my first Mazdaspeed.”

So, what would you say inspired your modifications and styling?

“What inspired my mods and styling was from wanting a car that looked great but also worked. I love the stance scene but also love to go fast and make power.”

Then why did you decide to do the half and half vinyl wrap style?

“The half wrap came from just the looks, I loved the two sided look and purple just popped but also looked great!”

And from your experience what is the biggest challenge with modifying/styling the MS3?

“The biggest challenge had came from trying to make power reliable, there is so much that goes into a build to make it reliable that most overlook. You need a power goal that is obtainable.”

So anymore future plans for the car?

“Future goals for the car will be to tighten up fitment even more but also being able to slap a set of slicks on the car and get a better 1/4 mile down the track and start auto crossing the car but still keeping show status!”

Lastly, anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to for helping with the car?

“I’d like to give CorkSport much needed love for making parts that are obtainable and blogs to help others reach their goals!”


-Stage 1 built motor
-44mm EWG
-Corksport manifold
-Corksport intake mani
-Corksport 3.5″ intake
-Corksport 3.5″ turbo back
-Corksport throttle body
-Corksport Pi kit running E85
-Corksport cams
-Kelford 86lb springs
-Corksport dress up hardware
-Corksport 51r battery box
-Corksport trans/Damond PMM
-Corksport race mount
-Damond OCC
-Corksport power steering and coolant tanks
-Custom coil pack cover and EBCS brackets
-Corksport FMIC
-Oil cap breather
-Custom air dam
-Custom wire tuck

-D2 suspension
-Airlift 3P management
-Corksport lower tie bar
-Work Emotion ZR10 18×9.5
-Corksport front BBK

-Custom headlights built by me
-eBay tails
-Zen carbon emblem
-Chassis mounted 07 STI splitter cut-up
-EZ splitter carbon side skirts
-eBay flares
-JC Work hood and fender vents
-Carbon duckbill
-Custom aluminum diffuser
-Carbon mirror caps

-Suede wrapped interior
-Starlight headliner
-Corksport steering wheel
-Corksport guages
-GT swapped interior
-Rear trunk setup
-Billet Works shift knob
-Bride shift boot
-Corksport shifter bushings
-Corksport short shifter

Hope you guys enjoyed this. For us this is an excellent example of power and style. Special thank you to Mateo Maciel for sharing this with us.

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