1. Looks like you got things on point now bro! Glad to have been of some help. Now you get to make ME jealous lol

  2. Hi. I love Mazdaspeed6. Your 6 is amazing! Have you got any pictures how does it look inside? Is it manual or automatic? Take car 🙂 Greetings from Poland 🙂

  3. Inside is pretty factory except for a STRI Boost Gauge and the Razo shift knob. But thanks for the comments on the car. Really appreciate them. Thanks again Shavi

  4. Car looks dope keep up the good work! Gives me motivation for my speed 6.

  5. whats the offset, please

  6. The offset is 45mm. What’s not said is that I’m running a 5mm spacer up front and a 3mm spacer out back( I know Ace has a 40mm wheel in this style but since my old 19 x 9.5 wheels were 45mm I thought I could get away with out a spacer and I couldnt but it was too late they were already ordered. So if you dont want to run spacers go with a 40mm). If you are going to go with a set up like this I would almost recommend a 225/35 tire for a lil more stretch. right now I’m rubbing on the plastic liners in the front and the foamy type liner in the back which I plan to remove once winter is over. Hope this helps.

  7. What other modifications did you have to do to get the wheels to fit?

  8. Man I got to tell you I love how your speed6 looks. I been thinking about selling my speed6. But seeing how sexy your looks just made want to keep my speed arounf just a lil longer. I want your wheel so bad buy ill paint them black or white for my white 6. Thx for making me fall in love with my car again lol.

  9. Hey Zero, Glad you like the car and that it made you reconsider selling your Speed6 , I’m not going to lie the first time I saw one I thought they looked ass….. but quickly changed my mind when I saw the potential the car has. I know I bought my wheels through Elementwheels.com and I know Ace Alloys makes them in Black. Dude go for it! They would look so Hot on the white. Not going to lie powdercoating them white keeps running through my mind….check me out on instagram if you have one @1wicked6 I have what they would look like in white on there

  10. How much camber are you running to fit those wheels?

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