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It is a rare sight to see a Mazda 6 that catches our eyes, but here we are in the continent of Europe. We have here a 2008 Crystal White Pearl Mazda 6, owned by Yuriy in Sevastopol, Ukraine.  Yuriy is a 27 year old sailor, and due to the specific type of his work, he had to plan the things he wanted to do to his car when he was still on land.

Like some people who start modifying their car, Yuriy started to buy a lot of unnecessary parts, which he ended up regretting after 1.5 years of owning the car. He realized that he needed to plan better, and move onto a different direction for the car. One person that was able to help him with this was Evegeniy aka JDR, who was able to help him figure out the stance he wanted out of the car.

Once Yuriy had the time on land, he turned his car from a Time Attack style into a more fitment and clean style.  But, after that turned the car towards the VIP style, even though it was unusual for a non-VIP car platform. Yuriy ended up moving from 18 inch to 19 inch wheels, and a few more modifications to get closer to that VIP look. However, he faced a problem of not being satisfied with how it was not as low in the front as he was on his 18 inch wheel setup. But, he still did not give up!

To solve the problem, Yuriy made a custom fixed front ball joint and fixed shifted upper bearing for a little more camber adjustment.  As a result, got some satisfaction back with how the car is on 19 inch wheels.

For now, Yuriy tells us that he is nearly satisfied with his car. He is still on the pursuit of finding that perfect fitment; width and offset.


  • Custom Grill (aka M’z Custom)
  • Custom Front Lip
  • Original “Lexus LS 460” rear muffler ends
  • Rear Glass Lip Spoiler
  • Full Shaving
  • Matted inside All Head & Rear Lights
  • Smoked Rear Reflectors “The Speedline”
  • Painted in Black front anti fog Light Rounds
  • 4000k Xenon light
  •  White LED Dimension lights


  • 7 inch Digital Screen, 2 Din Car DVD Player with Rear View Camera
  • Painted Silver Cockpit plastic
  • Painted Silver Door Armrests
  • A/T shift knob “MOMO” Combat Evo Silver
  • Aluminum Pedals “Mazda 6”
  • Changed on White LED all inside bulbs
  • Fusa Kiku Knots “Junction Produce”
  • Vip Style Curtains “DAD”


  • Air Intake Kit “K&N” – PreFilter “Outerwears”
  •  Painted Red Engine Cover & Fuse Box
  • Front Upper Strut Bar “Alutec”
  • Custom Rear Upper Strut Bar “FM97Rus”
  • Engine Crankcase Steel Guard
  • Coolant Cap “HKS”

Wheels & Suspension:

  • Coilovers “XYZ Racing” Super Sport
  • Rays Victrix Kreutzer with 235/35/19 Good Year tires
    • Front: 19×8.5J ET42
    • Rear: 19×9.5J ET45
  • Pro Spacers
    • Front: 16 mm
    • Rear: 12mm
  • Custom ball joint plates and custom camber strut mounts: -5 camber
  • Rear Upper Camber Arms “HardRace”: -7 camber

Yuriy’s Build Thread:

Hope you guys enjoyed Yuriy’s Mazda 6 from Ukraine.  Thanks Yuriy and Aleksandr for letting us share this with the community we have here at MF.

Fitment Game

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