Mekagojira | Itasha Style

What is Itasha style?
This Japanese term was coined to those individuals who stylized their cars with fictional anime/manga, or video game characters, which is done with the use of vinyl (stickers) throughout the entire body of the car in a Itasha livery type fashion or partial areas as you will see below.


This is definitely not everyone, but nothing really is. For Nathan Villalon’s 1st generation Mazdaspeed 3 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida; it’s the perfect blend of two of his passions: cars and anime/manga.


Like most automotive enthusiasts, Nathan drew his inspirations from Japan, but for him it was more specifically the onikyan style.


He was able to achieve this by taking use of Serial Nine camber adapter plates over his BC Racing coilovers. This allowed him to dial the front camber to match the rear, which is great because its common to see those with this platform run excessive rear negative camber and do nothing about their fronts.


Nathan’s favorite thing about this platform is the body lines, and being still one of the better looking hatchback platforms out there and of course, coming from the factory being turbocharged.


He decided to go with the classic and high-end Japanese wheel manufactor, WORK wheels, who have been around since the 1970s. Nathan went with their Work CR-Kiwamis (Ultimates), which are much more concave than the standard CR-Kais, and are available in more aggressive specs.




But, unlike most automotive enthusiasts, Nathan drew additional inspirations from Japan with his love of anime/manga, which can be seen with the various vinyl pieces throughout the car.










Nathan wants to continue with this build as he knows it can be better and show off more of his personal style.

Serialnine camber adapters
BC Coilovers Springs
F: 135mm R: 150mm
F: Work CR Ultimate D-Spec 18×9.5 -15
R: Work CR Ultimate 18×9.5 +20
326power lugs
15mm spacers all around
Corksport camber arms and toe arms
VIP Table from Upgarage

Nathan’s Static Mazdaspeed 3 from Cristian Laureano on Vimeo.

Thanks Cristian Laureano for capture this unique ride, and for Nathan for allowing us to share it with you.

Be sure to share your ride with us by emailing us at

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