Throwback | Jack’s Mazda 3

Throwing it back to a car that doesn’t exist anymore, but missed for being built with ingenuity. This is Jack Smith’s True Red Mazda 3 TS 1.6TD from Sheffield, England.

DSC_0319Jack built this regular Mazda 3 to be modified to look like the MPS (Mazdaspeed) exterior and interior. This conversion was done with the MPS front end, rear bumper, spoiler/wing, and side skirts.

DSC_0325This one of one front lip you see on the Mazdaspeed front bumper was custom made by Jack, himself. Looks really at home on there, and better than seeing the ever so common Garage Vary/Next Mod front lip.

DSC_0327Another piece of the car that was built with ingenuity was the front suspension. Jack modified his front shock towers, custom front camber plates, and hydraulic suspension with fluid displacement unit for the front struts. This was done so he can run more negative front camber, and still have enough clearance as applying negative camber on the front air struts like Airlift or even bag over coilover like UAS will cause the bag to rest on the inner frame of the car.

DSC_0333The rear suspension remained air suspension with modified SPC rear camber arms, and custom lower control arms with UAS Air House 2 bags.

Simply a clean and unique car when it was around.

Modification List
MPS rear bumper
MPS spoiler
MPS side skirts
MPS front end
Custom made front bumper lip
MPS interior
18×9.5 Cosmis Racing MRII all round with Nankang 215/40
Extended suspension turrets
Custom front upper camber plates
Modified SPC rear camber arms
Hydraulic suspension with a fluid displacement unit for the front struts
Air suspension on the rear using custom lower control arms and the air house 2 bags

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  • Is the front bumper of the mps mazdaspeed a perfect fit for your mazda 3? or did you have to do something?

  • hey there,just wondering if the mps bonnet bolted straight on?or did you have to modify the catch or anything?cheers

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