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It is typical to come across a challenge with modifying something and not getting it right the first time. But, you try and try again and never give up to reach your goal. And that is what really matters…that you never gave up and overcame the challenge. For Abaibai ‘s (阿白白) Brilliant Black 2014 2.0L Mazda 3 from the city of Wuxi, China this was the case in his quest for camber and style.

We think a lot of people are curious as to what the car culture in China is like…Can you comment on that?

“In China there is a lot that is into stance with many car shows every year like iAcro Party or The Elite Party. You can see some more of the car culture here on the iAcrophobia instagram…” 

Do you get any trouble from the local law enforcement for modifying your car?

“Yes, of course just like any country. Recently, I am so nervous to go out that I dare not go out. Normally you get a $500 RMB (Chinese Yuan) fine once, and then have to restore the car back. If not the car can not be taken back out… “

What lead you to owning the Mazda 3? Why Mazda 3?

“I always wanted a Mazda since watching Initial D, and wanted an RX-7 because of it. But, in China you can’t buy it. Later I learned about the Mazda 3, and was really interested in it… “

What inspired you to modify the MZ3 like you did?

“A few years ago I saw a video on the internet of a car running very close to the ground with excessive camber…and I thought that was very cool…So, I am trying to see if my Mazda3 can do it too…”

 We know this is difficult for 1st and 2nd generation MZ3s. How did you achieve your front camber?

“Customized lower control arm, half shaft steering rod, and steering knuckle…”

What was the biggest challenge with modifying this car?

“Definitely the front camber…The first time it was only -6 degrees of camber, then second time around at -9, and third time with -11, but not even camber just yet…And the fenders can be difficult being static (coilovers). So far, I’m not satisfied with it…”

Any future plans for the ride?

“For now the only future plans are to improve the fenders with custom wide body…”

-Work Meister M1 – 18×9.5 Front and 18×10.5 Rear
-Joyroad 215/35/18 Front and 225/40/18 Rear
-Customized camber arms
-Customized front suspension
-SRT-sport muffle
-L&T Coilovers
-Garage Vary front lip
-TPU Brilliant Black

Do you wanna give any shout outs to anyone?

“I am thankful for my family as they are my guiding force. Thanks to my team (Newbee Garage and Manhadun) for helping me a lot. And thank you to Mazda Fitment for giving me this opportunity…”

Thank you to Abaibai (阿白白) for sharing this with us. More pictures in the gallery below. Hope you enjoyed.

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