Introducing the limited edition Mazda Fitment onikyan plates for the 3rd generation Mazda 3, 3rd generation Mazda 6, and 1st generation Mazda CX-5.

Available: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-onikyan-plates-3rd-gen-mz3-mz6-cx-5

These direct replacement top hat camber plates replaces existing top hat camber plates that have pillow ball mounts on their coilovers already.
Also includes a pair (2) of pillow block crescent moon shims that goes between the camber plate and the pillow block.
They are made of 6061 aluminum with grade 8 or above hardware.

Available: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-onikyan-plates-3rd-gen-mz3-mz6-cx-5

*IMPORTANT* Additional modifications needed to the center adjustment hole on the strut tower in order to mount the plates and adjust the camber beyond the range. *IMPORTANT*

See the Corksport excerpt below on how to easily cut the center of the strut tower with a hole saw:
*TIP: Use a cutting oil like WD-40 when cutting*
*TIP:  Start with a 3″ inch hole drill to cut the hump of the strut tower, then move to cutting wheel to make the outline. Then a grinder since the metal is pretty thick*

What is included?
-A pair of (2) top hat camber plates [driver-side/passenger-side]
-A pair of (2) pillow block crescent moon shims

What do they do?
-1/2″inch or more drop
-More negative camber adjustment (-4 to -6)

The MF camber plates vs the BC Racing camber plates.

Compatible with:
-2014 to 2018 Mazda 3
-2013 to 2019 Mazda 6
-2014 to 2016 Mazda CX-5
–Any coilover or air strut with a pillow-ball camber plate mount already.
Examples: BC Racing, Megan Racing, Airlift, AirRex, Etc. With camber plates in the front.

Shipped to anywhere in the world.

For any other inquiries, please email us at mazdafitment@mazdafitment.com

Available: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-onikyan-plates-3rd-gen-mz3-mz6-cx-5


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