We are finally able to source longer top hat camber plate studs. Not much of a concern for some, but we have received the request for longer top plate studs, and this is it.

Available: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-1st-2nd-gen-mz3-ms3-mz5-extended-studs

This is for a full set for the 1st generation/2nd generation Mazda Fitment onikyan plates.
These directly replace the existing top hat camber plates studs on the Mazda Fitment onikyan plates. Grade 8 or above hardware.

This is a replacement option for older versions prior to 06/01/2020 for the following: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-onikyan-plates

What is included?
-A full set (6) of extended M8 top hat camber plate studs

What do they do?
-12mm more thread to secure top hat camber plate to the strut tower

Compatible with:
-2004 to 2013 Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 / Mazda 5
-2006 to 2013 Volvo C30
-2011 to 2018 Ford Focus
-And more Ford C1 platform vehicles
-Any coilover or air strut with a pillow-ball camber plate mount already.
Examples: BC Racing, Megan Racing, Airlift, AirRex, Etc. With camber plates in the front.

Available: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-1st-2nd-gen-mz3-ms3-mz5-extended-studs

How to Install?
-Place a deep socket behind the plate for the stud to push out when hammering. The existing top hat camber plate M8 stud gets hammered out with a hammer
-New extended top hat camber plate M8 stud gets pressed into the top hat camber plate
-Easiest way to press the new stud in is by putting about five M8 washers and using a M8x1.25 nut on the new stud
-Hold/attach the top hat camber plate to a vice or safetly use your foot to press down on the top hat camber plate to secure
-Then with the use of a impact gun, you will pull the new studs until the bottom teeth are not showing anymore (similar how they looked when you got them)
-Repeat process until complete


*As of 06/01/2020 all Mazda Fitment 1st generation/2nd generation MZ3/MS3/MZ5 top hat camber plates have the extended top hat camber plate studs standard.*

Shipped to anywhere in the world.

Available: https://shop.mazdafitment.com/product/mazda-fitment-1st-2nd-gen-mz3-ms3-mz5-extended-studs

For any other inquiries, please email us at mazdafitment@mazdafitment.com

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