Sunburst Yellow 323F

Mazda produced a lot of unique chassis through the years, especially though the 1990s. One such chassis is the Lantis or known in Europe as the 323F, which is part of the Familia lineage. We usually share more newer models, but when we come across a good looking and rare chassis like the 323F, we can’t help but share it here. Here we have Tomek Mikos‘s 1994 Sunburst Yellow 323F from Bytom, Poland. Thank you to Agnieszka Skalecka aka Rosac Design for capturing this.

Tomek, what lead you to owning 323F we see today? Did you come have anything different before this?

“It starts from my friend, I was at the car meet after i pass my driving license exam few years ago, I was looking for a first car, he took me for them ride in his V6 BA, after the ride I’ve decided it has to be this car.”

What inspired you to modify to the way it looks today?

“I think the inspiration comes from several sources, Mazda community like forums and friends. I prefer the period correct look, no fancy futuristic wheels and crazy body kits.”

We seen you with a few wheels like the previous Rays Toms C7Rs. Would you say the current Super Advans are your favorite? 

“Rays were nice and shiny two pieces, Super Advans are more sporty looking, sleek and timeless. They are one of few cult classic pattern of the JDM wheel in my opinion. I think they will stay longer with me.”

What would you say is the most difficult thing about modifying this car? 

“The hardest is to find balance between form and function. You have to find your own way, show car or street/racecar. Its very hard to bring together this two visions in one car.”

Any future plans for the car? 

“Maybe finally a halfcage and some other interior bits and pieces.”

Anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to? 

“Thanks to all that gave me support and helped with the car especially Piotrek and Michał, cannot forget about beauty shots from Agnieszka Skalecka. Thanks to you, Mazdafitment, to feature my car and to be part of this great community.”

-Car fully painted in Sunburst Yellow
-Front lip + side skirts Mazdaspeed A-spec kit
-Rear spoiler from Mazda RX8
-FK coilovers
-Swapped KF-ZE engine from MX6 J-spec
-Soft boosted on TD04HL16T 0,5 bar boost at peak cause 10.5:1
-Short shifter
-Yokohama Super Advans 17×8
-Stripped interior
-RX8 seats
-Momo wheel
-Mazdaspeed shiftknob
-Cusco rear strut bar

Hope you guys like this one. We love the color and the trispoke wheels go so well on this. Thank you to Tomek Mikos for letting us share this, and Agnieszka Skalecka aka Rosac Design for capturing this. Enjoy.

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