Hiroshima, Japan the hometown of Mazda’s global headquarters, factory, and museum. Here you can find nearly everyone driving a Mazda or even being employed by Mazda themselves. So, it is no surprise to find some of the nicest modified Mazdas to be coming out of this prefecture. Here we have a group of Hiroshima’s finest 3rd generation Axelas (MZ3) that are both beautiful inside and out. Special thank you to Uchiiii for setting this special shoot to share with everyone.

This group of four have always showed love and appreciation for Mazda Fitment over the years, and we really appreciate that.  You will see that all four of these have had beautifully done custom work to the interior by WARPS in Higashihiroshima, Japan.

Here we have Sako‘s 2014 Titanium Flash Metallic 3rd generation Axela on Regen5 R35 wheels, and with Mazdaspeed front, side, and rear add-ons.

The Regen5 R35 wheels are 18×9.5 +38 all around with the help of IDEAL Truvea coilovers to help fit it just right.

Up next is Rui Akagi’s 2017 AWD Machine Gray Metallic 3rd generation Axela on Work Black Label BST1 with Mazdaspeed front, side, and rear add-ons.

Rui’s Work Black Label BST1 are 19×9.5 +39 in Imperial Gold all around with a 215/35/19 tire. Helping it all come together is the IDEAL Truvea coilovers.

Rui’s interior is setup with a Avenue Performance steering wheel with interior audio and black/yellow styling done by WARPS. audio. Front speakers are Clarion FDS, trunk speakers are Rainbow, and the subwoofer is Clarion Z35W.

Next we have Takumi Nishikawa‘s 2015 Soul Red Metallic 3rd generation Axela on Work Emotion CR Kiwami with Mazdaspeed front, side, and rear add-ons.

Takumi’s Work Emotion CR Kiwami are 18×9.5 +20 front and 18×10.5 +22 rear in a teal finish. Suspension is set with Static brand coilovers, CX-5 front lower control arms, and Static brand rear camber arms.

The interior showcases a Vertex steering wheel and Likewise shift knob. Further the interior audio and red/teal styling was done by WARPS. Audio setup is Clarion FDS front, MTXaudio rear, MTXaudio center, and Clarion & MTXaudio in trunk.

Small detail seen is the CarShopNAGAKO front headlight eye lids. Something that is not commonly seen on Mazda 3s state-side.

Lastly, we have Tatsuya’s White Pearl 3rd generation Axela on Work Emotion T7R 2P with LEG Motorsports front grill, and also just like the other three MZ3s with Mazdaspeed add-ons.

Tatsuya’s Work Emotion T7R 2P are 18×9.5 +30 with suspension set with Air Force air suspension to give the car a flat tucked look all around. Also features CX-5 front lower control arms and Static brand rear camber arms.

The interior is styled with a Momo steering wheel and Clazzio seat covers. While, the rest of the interior blue/white styling and audio was done by WARPS. Audio is set with Vibe audio and Grand Zero.

You will see that all four of these 3rd generation Axelas share similar modifications, but each is unique in appearance from one another. We love how each of them have made it their own.

Thank you again to Sako, Rui, Takumi, and Tatsuya for sharing their rides with us. And special thank you to Uchiiii for capturing these beautiful builds. More photos in the gallery below. Enjoy.

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