Mazda has brought us many iconic models that are just well balanced with great features. So, it is no surprise to see fans of the brand transition from one model to the next. Here we have Jinya Yasuda‘s 2015 Titanium Flash Metallic Axela from Aichi, Japan. We got to talk to Jinya briefly how he went from his NB6C Miata to a 3rd generation MZ3 hatchback.

Originally, we have known Jinya since he has owned his brown NB6C Miata that was unique in color and modifications. So, we had to ask the following:
Jinya, what lead you to owning the MZ3/Axela? Why did you change from the Miata ?
“I used to ride the Miata, but wanted something different now. The reason for riding mazda3 is because I was looking for a hatchback of Mazda3 or Mazda6 and this body color Mazda3. And I liked brown and it was a color close to brown.”

So, what inspired your modification and styling?
“The reason for attaching the air suspension is to make it easier to ride normally. There were a lot of 18inch wheels on the car with air suspension, but there was no mazda3 wearing 17inch, so I chose this style.”

Biggest challenge with modifying Axela?
“Many of the Mazda3s are equipped with the Mazdaspeed spoiler that I also wear. So I painted the spoiler in the same color as the body to make a difference.
The difficult part of Mazda3 is that it is difficult to attach a camber unlike Miata. I managed to process it to F -8 ° and R -10 °.”

Jinya, any future plans for the car?
“It is to become the most famous in Mazda3 in Japan. For that reason, I will change little by little from now on.”

So, anyone you want to thank for helping with Axela?
“The production shop is car base zerozero 8. I had the air suspension installed here. I made the detailed settings myself.”

・MAZDASPEED Front spoiler
・MAZDASPEED Side spoiler
・MAZDASPEED Rear spoiler
・MAZDA ATENZA Front lower arm
・US MAZDA headlight
・AirForce Air suspension
・AirForce Front adjustable upper mount
・JLINE Camber bolt
・MeganRacing Rear upper arm
・MeganRacing Rear toe control arm
・Odula ECU
・Original middle straight muffler
・Original rear straight muffler
・AUTOEXE Intake pipe
・WORK meister M1 17inch 10.5J +10
・HIFLY 205/45R17
・camber F -8° R -10°
・GoodgunRacing Full bucket seat
・Avenue Steering wheel
・NRG Quick release
・NRG Shift knob (MadMike signature)

Thank you for Jinya for sharing this with us and for the years of love of Mazda Fitment.

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