It is great to see something different, especially when that means we get to feature something that we have never had the pleasure of posting on here. Today, we have the Mazda 626 aka Capella model, which was first introduced in the 1970s and lasted 6 generations till it was discontinued in the early 2000s.  Specifically, we are going to take a look at the 3rd generation of the European 626. Here we have Artur Krzystanek‘s 1991 Crystal White 626 GD from Poland. Thank you to Slawek aka Haciu Photo & Dorian Pagacz for providing the photos.

We got to talk to Artur about his 626 GD, which we found out has a cool digital dash.
Why did you choose the 626? Did you come from something different before this?
“It was accidental purchase, after all I realized about digital speedo and then i knew i’ve to make this car different.”

So, what inspired your modifications/styling on the 626?
“When I was young I loved Japanese cars, all of them, especially white. So I can tell that’s my dream car :)”

And what would you say was the biggest challenge modifying/styling the 626?
“Modifying cars is always hard; if you want to make something special you have to spent a lot of hours in the garage. For me the hardest thing was to find free time.”

Then are there still anymore future plans for the car? We love the less is more approach.
“I’ve some plans about some smaller wheels, but don’t know if I’ll make it happen.”

Lastly Artur, is there anyone you want to thank for helping with 626?
“I want to thank @emj_garage_84 – he persuaded me to buy this great car and helped me with modifications. Also want to thank guys from Polish owners group for their help with rare parts and good advices.”

-Digital speedo
-AirForce air suspension
-Rays Mazdaspeed LeMans 16”
-Megane 1 front lip
-MX6 side mirrors
-JDM steering wheel
-Window visors
-Foha rear wing

Hope we get more classic Mazda platforms like this 626 GD. They are just still cool even today. Thank you to Artur for sharing this with us. And again thank you to Slawek aka Haciu Photo & Dorian Pagacz for providing the photos

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