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Came across this rad video by Goonk Vilaivanh of Jordan’s Mazda Miata NA8. Check it out.

After finishing his car, Jordan and I finally got around to do some filming of it. We took 2 days worth compiled into a 3 minute video to showcase his Mazda Miata NA8 Roadster. Being inspired miraculously by the stylish cars in the drifting community, especially those you see in Final Bout, Jordan has equipped his car with a PS Duce body kit along with some NUE 40mm over-fenders and widening the front fenders some. By looking at it, the whole kit gives off this flowing vibe to the Miata body lines and quite subtle. If you’re looking for something aggressive, take a peek at his wheels. Running 10 inch wide wheels all around and tucking rears. Now Jordan was aiming to do something a bit different. He staggered the wheels to be ran on 15’s up front and 16’s in the rear. I was informed he never seen anyone ran this setup on an NA8 yet. Let alone running 16’s on one. Seems he pulled it off beyond any NA8 owner’s expectations. Also Jordan was always into running two different pairs at the same time. Just a style he prefers. Having both wheels from Work, up front are a pair of Goocar’s and the rears with CR01 Meister. One intriguing fact is the Meister’s are the first 16 inch in the states. After the exterior was completed, the whole car was resprayed Montego Blue by Chris, the guy behind Punoi’s S2000 body work and paint. Please don’t think some shots in this video that the car is black. I promise it’s not. It’s where I suck at color grading and can’t get his color right sometimes. So enough talk about stating the noticeable traits of this car. You can find the rest of the parts list below.

I would like to Nathan, Austin, and Paeyton for their contribution in helping me achieving some shots I couldn’t do on my own.

PS Duce body kit
Carbon Vitalonni mirrors
Mazda Hardtop w/ defrost
widened front fenders
NUE 40mm rear over fenders
Flyin’ Miata headlight duct
Lexus ES300 fog lights
SUPRLIFE canards

Bride Zeta II (carbon kevlar)
Tom’s Racing pro model
Bride low max seat rails
Teamtech 4 point harness
K.G. Works ignition starter
Harddog rollbar w/ harness bar
Fabulous Profound steering wheel
Works Bell hub w/ Techno Toy hub extender
Carbing shift knob w/ Garagestar extender
Zeromotive floor mats
NA6 dash swap
polished vent rings
Nakamae console & cup holder

1.8L BP engine
Toyota COP harness
ISR performance exhaust
Racing Beat headers
Apexi intake
Garagestar cooling panel
Studio skid plate w/ raised motor
Mishimoto radiator
Mazdaspeed motor mounts

Stance GR+ coilovers
2.25″ extended top hats
Zubb Concept adjustable FUCA
Megan Racing adjustable RUCA
Flyin’ Miata sway bar
Racing Beat endlinks
Flying’ Miata strut tower bar

Work Goocar 15×10 -20
Federal SS595 195/45/15
Work Meister CR01 16×10 -6
Nexen N3000 205/40/16
Work locking lug nuts

Sony A7S (Full Frame & APS-C)
Rokinon Cine Lens: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm
Glidecam HD2000

Forever 2001 – Yung Gud

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