Mazda Fitment Onikyan Plates | MZ3/MS3/MZ5

Introducing the limited edition Mazda Fitment onikyan plates.


These direct replacement top hats/camber plates replaces existing top hats/camber plates that have pillow ball mounts on their coilovers.

They are made of 6061 aluminum with grade 8 or above hardware.



Additional modifications needed to the center adjustment hole in order to mount the plates as well as adjust the camber beyond the range.

See the Corksport excerpt below on how to easily cut the center of the strut tower with a hole saw:
*TIP: Use a cutting oil like WD-40 when cutting*


What do they do?
-1/2″inch or more drop
-More negative camber adjustment (-4 to -6)


The MF camber plates vs the BC Racing camber plates.


MF camber plates mounted on using the old allen bolts from your previous camber plates.


Another look at the difference between BC Racing camber plates and the MF camber plates. Obvious difference is the thickness of the plate, which will result in a 1/2″ inch or more drop.



Compatible with:
-2004 to 2013 Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 / Mazda 5
-Any coilover with a pillow-ball camber plate mount already.
Examples: BC Racing, Megan Racing, Etc. With camber plates in the front.

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