From Russia with love for Mazda Fitment is this 2nd generation MZ3 that shows us that no matter where you are from you can make a car build your own.
Here we have Dmitriy Matveyev‘s 2nd generation Crystal White Pearl Mazda 3 from Kaluga, Russia. Thank you to Vladislav Zhuravlëv for capturing this.

We got to talk to Dmitriy about his Mazdaspeed facelifted Mazda 3.
So, Dmitriy why did you choose a Mazda 3?

“I love the hatchback body style and this model has an excellent design, flowing lines all over the body that remind me of a shark.  I like the interior of the car, I feel absolutely comfortable in it. I also want to note that my first car was also a Mazda 3 (BK). In general, Mazda is my love.” 

Why did you decide to upgrade and change the style of the car?
“I would answer in such a way that I did not change my car, I finalized it!  Modified the suspension, lengthened / shortened the levers) the appearance of the car should have character.  I believe that I brought up the character of my car, low style is an approximation to its original appearance, as the designers drew it, when it appeared on paper, it had a low suspension.” 

How did you manage to achieve a full turn of the wheels?
I put a lot of effort and time and my experience to make the suspension perfect. On the front axle has been changed. The lower arm was sawn and extended by 2.5 cm, this is the maximum extension, without harm to the drive. The tie rods remained unchanged, the shock absorber “boot” was developed and manufactured, the BC racing suspension was chosen as the basis, the lower part of the rack was made in such a way that it has a slope of 12 degrees…” 

“…The strut support and the glass of the body were changed, the transfer of the strut mounts by 1.5 cm, the glass was expanded and the breakup support plates of the strut were made. The spring is in maximum close distance, and sometimes has contact with the inside of the disk. Spring rate 68kg, custom springs made by @custom_springs. The result of a negative camber on the front axle is 15 degrees and a full turn of the wheels…”

“…There were also changes on the rear axle.  The “Serb” camber lever was made, shortened by almost 5 cm and an adjustment was added, this is necessary to adjust the negative camber. The bottom of the shock has been slightly modified to help keep the strut away from the disc as the disc rubs against the struts. Spring rate on the rear axle: 50 kg. Negative camber total: 15 degrees.”

And is there any more plans for the future?

“There are a lot of plans, there is something to work on, the main goal is to see your ideal. I do not plan any radical changes, most likely I will refine what I have now.”

Interested in knowing how is the car scene in Russia?
“In Russia, it is now difficult to travel on the roads, we have a law that prohibits modifying a car, the situation is disgusting for many, constant panic and unrest on the road, so to speak, stress and certain risks. There are many good projects in Russia, both aesthetic and radical. People are very fond of low cars. There is also a problem with the roads, the poor condition of the road surface in some places is emergency.”

Lastly, anyone you want to thank?
“I love my friends very much and they respect what I do, we have our own team and many also have low cars.”


– Installed BC racing suspension, custom springs with a stiffness of 50kg rear axle, 68kg front axle.
– Wheels Weds Kranze LXZ 18’
– Front axle 11’ shelf 5’ tires 215/40/18
– Rear axle 12’ shelf 6’ tires 245/35/18 Installed front part from Mazda mps, bumper, hood, fenders, optics.
– Recaro Honda Accord seats are installed in the cabin.
– Manufactured and installed overlays on the body and spoiler.
– Interior plastic, handles, trims were repainted in gloss black
– Headlining and pillars have been re-wrapped in black fabric
– Likewise Gearbox Knob.
– The anatomical shape of the steering wheel has been redesigned to be more pleasant and comfortable, wrapped in leather.
– Dashboard illumination changed to a different color.
– The door trim has been redone, to install 20 cm speakers, I tried to keep the original design and re-tightened it into a skin similar to the steering wheel.
– Installed sound system.
– Made a complete soundproofing of the whole car.
– A 4-point brace is installed in the trunk, which helps to reduce body distortion.
– Changed the exhaust system, for a pleasant sound)
– Made custom bumper pads, sills, rear bumper and spoiler.
– The optics was purchased separately from the mazda mps, repainting the inside, replacing the lenses.

Special thank you to Dmitriy Matveyev for showing love for Mazda Fitment and sharing his build with us. And thank you to Vladislav Zhuravlëv for capturing this. Hope you guys enjoyed this. More photos in the gallery below.

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