Pure White FD3S

Lets face it we rarely feature a RX7 and more specifically the FD3S models. You might or you might not know of Hisashi Nishida’s 2000 Pure White Mazda RX-7 FD3S Type RS, but coming out of the infamous country of Japan is this classic rotary beast.

Like many people, Hisashi really got into cars during his high school days of watching cars go sideways at the touge, and experiencing car culture. So, he wanted to be just like them.

What made him get a RX-7 FD? Hisashi loved the beautiful styling and unique rotary engine. He loved the feel of the FD in the touge.

Before Hisashi was on Advan Racing RS wheels, which was an awesome setup, but now he is here with BBS LM reverse mounted.

The rear of the rotary beast. Stock rear bumper, spoiler removed, customized LED tail lights, and fenders widened by 1″ inch.

Sitting pretty on Apexi N1 Damper Pro Coilovers, and BBS LM reverse mounted wheels. (F) 18 x 9 -15 and (R)18 x 10 -10, with Nankang NS2 (F) 215/35/18 and  (R) 225/35/18.

Exterior of the car is simply complemented by Mazda 99spec front bumper lip, Mazda optional side skirts, and Mazdaspeed aero mirrors.

This also has inner beauty with BRIDE VIOS3 bucket seats, MAZDASPEED carbon shift knob , Nardi classic sports rally deep cone 330mm, and Defi Link Meters (water temp, oil temperature, oil pressure, & turbo).

Japan is awesome. There are so many cool car freaks and rotary guys in Japan.  We are glad to have Hisashi share his rotary beast with us. Hisashi would like to give a thanks to all his family and crew who supported him through the years. Rotary for life! Nevertheless, there are many more pictures in the photo gallery below. Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we did cause we can’t stop staring at this beauty.

Wheels and Tires:

BBS LM Reverse Mounted

Front 18 x 9 -15 with Nankang NS2 215/35/18

Rear 18 x 10 -10 with Nankang NS2 225/35/18


Apexi N1 Dumper Pro Coilovers

Swift Short Spring (F)22k (R)20k.

Supernow tie rod end

Supernow oe control link

Supernow lower arm camber balljoint F and R


Tinted F5.0 R5.5

Wided 1inch F and R.

Mazda 99spec Front Bumper

Mazda Optional Side Skirt

Mazda Stock Rear Bumper

Mazdaspeed Aero Mirror

Smoothed and Removed Rear Spoiler, Washer Nozzle, Radio Antenna

Fender marker, Rear Madguards

Aftermarket LED Bulbs, Customizing LED tail lamps.

Aftermarket 6000k HID Lamps


BRIDE VIOS3 Bucket seat

MAZDASPEED Carbon Shift-knob


MAZDA Optional Pedal covers

Defi Defi-Link Meter /Water temp/Oil temp/Oil press/Turbo/

Engine outputs ~330HP:

Apexi Power-FC Computer

Knight-Sport EBS4 Boost Controler

Knight-Sport V-mount Intercooler and Radiator System

HKS Racing Suction Intake

EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch

EXEDY Lightweight Flywheel

FEED Down pipe

SARD Sports Catalyzer

BuddyClub Racing Spec Muffer Spec 2

Fitment Game

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  • You mean how StanceNation just posted a feature on this car on August 21st. Where as, this was posted August 3rd…
    These are all my own words, and my friend Elvis, owner of StanceNation can attest to all of this as well.

  • If you were constructive you would have suggested what should be done next time, not just say it lacked flavor.

    What I just did there for you, that was constructive! See, along with pointing out what you were lacking, I gave you a suggestion. It’s like getting punched in the kidney while getting a shoulder rub.

  • Ah man! What broke the suspension like that? Such a nice car. Hit a curb or something? How'd every wheel get damaged like that?

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