It wasn’t too long ago that we featured the unique ’90s chassis, the Mazda Lantis (323F), which features a unique body style, frame-less windows, and the rare Type-R option. The Lantis is a lost ’90s cars in the sea of so many other great cars to come from the 1990s, but deserves recognition for blending a unique style with an over engineered KF-ZE 2.0L V6 in the Type-R option. A solid car that found its way to Japanese Touring Car Champion (JTCC) and other race circuits in the ’90s. Here we have a prime example with Shota Fukuda‘s 1994 Sparkle Green Metallic Mazda Lantis Coupe Type-R from Yokkaichi, Japan.

Shota, is the Lantis your first modified car or did you own something before this?

“No, I started with a Mini, then NB Miata, and finally to the Lantis we see today…

What made you decide on the Lantis over those cars?

“My dad used to own one, and he works at Mazda. And my family mainly likes 4-door cars more…” 

Never thought of a different 4-door car?

“Maybe Mazdaspeed Familia (Protege/323), Millenia, or Lantis still…I need a manual transmission (MT) car, so probably then Mazdaspeed Familia or Lantis…I found the green Lantis in Saitama and purchased it…” 

So, its safe to say your love of Mazda runs deep?

“Yes, I love Mazda. I’ve loved Mazda cars since I was little because of my father’s influence…also I was born at the Mazda hospital in Hiroshima haha…” 

What is your inspiration to style and modify the Lantis to what we see today?

“Recently, I have changed the style because I wanted to run on the circuit…Mainly influenced by JTCC and BTCC…” 

What is the most challenge thing you found with the Lantis?

“There are no parts and support for this anymore. Mostly everything is custom modified…” 

Is there anything you want to highlight about the Lantis?

“I have been running this on the circuit recently…And have A-Spec Mazdaspeed parts (wing, lip, sides) with custom pieces to make everything flow…The green interior is only available in the first sparkle green metallic body color sold.” 

What kind of future plans for the Lantis?

“The Lantis still needs more racing style and have plans for Mazdaspeed wheels…” 

Anyone you want to shout out or thank?

“I want to thank all my friends! And special thanks to Never Content Austin and LikeHell Design Josh.” 

-XYZ TypeRS coilovers
-RS Wantanbe 16×7.5 +25 (front) & +30(back)
-Advan Fleva 215/50R16
-Mazdaspeed A-spec wing, lip, sides
-Custom under parts
-Custom duck trunk wing
-All LED light
-Never Content quick release
-Momo steering wheel
-Cravenspeed shift knob
-New floor mats
-Custom pillar bar
-Defi meter
-Full custom exhaust.
-Oil cooler

Thank you Shota for sharing this with us! More photos in the gallery below. Enjoy this unique style. 

There are lot of builds we will never be able to come across, so please email us if you think we would be interested!
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