Rotary Meet | Awaji Highway Oasis

Recently on a wet and overcast Saturday there was a nice turn out of various rotary models from convertible FC3C RX-7s to aggressive RX-8s.  Here are some highlights held at Awaji Highway Oasis in Awaji, Hyogo, Japan.

Here we have Hamasaki‘s 2001 Sunburst Yellow RX-7 FD3S that you have seen from time to time here or on our social media channels. Now the RX-7 has a bit more aggressive rear end look with changing the wing. Looking good still on a set of Desmond Regamaster EVO II.

Next to Hamasaki is Yohei‘s White RX-7 FD3S on a set of Advan Racing RZII. Another RX-7 that you probably have seen from time to time here.

Hope you enjoyed. Thank you to Yoshiyuki for sharing.

There are lot of builds we will never be able to come across, so please email us if you think we would be interested!
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