Reckless Tribe FC RX-7

Growing up in the automotive world is an amazing experience; you can see styles and trends come and go. And with that comes inspiration from past and present car builders to make your car your own expression of yourself.  Here we are with Ghalib (Gee) Azam‘s Purple 1991 FC3S RX-7 Series 5 from Reckless Tribe in Glasgow, Scotland, who has dove in deep with his inspiration that it has even took him around the world to satisfy that.

What lead you to this FC? Own anything else?

“I imported it in 2014 because I loved watching Tomoya Suzuki from Sexy Knights and Haruguchi Mitsuru from 326power in their FC’s! Always loved them…” 

“…I also own a Nissan Laurel C33, BMW E36 328, and Nissan Silvia S13.” 

So you have been modifying cars for awhile then? What did you start drifting with? Have you drifted the FC?

“Yea I’ve been modifying and drifting cars for a few years now…My first drift car was a MK2.5 MX-5…”

“…Yep I’ve probably done around 5 drift days in the FC! It’s a challenge to say the least lol.”

You are from the Scotland area of the United Kingdom (UK). How would you describe the car culture there? People into the same low style? JDM culture?

“There isn’t a big JDM scene here sadly and only a few that do what we do! But, it’s certainly growing which is good to see!”

Tell me about Reckless Tribe? What’s that and how are you involved?

“Reckless Tribe was started by myself and my best mate Lain, who drives an Nissan Silvia S15, in 2014 after we imported our cars from Japan…”

“…We were massively inspired by shakotan and bosozoku car culture. At the time the Google translation for bosozoku was reckless tribe and that was how we formed the name lol.”

Any future plans for the FC?

Yea I want to drift it more, so need to revise my wheel setup and take some camber out! Also, have an electric water pump to fit over winter as well as redo the cooling setup. I’m looking to fit an FD upper intake manifold too.”

Anyone you want to shout out or thank?

“Thanks to Tomoya Suzuki, Haruguchi Mitsuru, Abo Satsukawa, Hert, Item B, Bananahands, Derek Bianski, Mike Fitz, JTP, Ilia, Ryan Fahey and most importantly Lain for the inspiration.”

-Streetported Series 5 13B-T (stock 550cc primary fuel injectors, Bosch 1600cc secondary fuel injectors on modified fuel rail)
-FSE fuel pressure regulator with braided AN6 fuel lines
-Koyo radiator and electric fan
-Custom front mount intercooler
-HKS Twinpower
Warlbro 255 fuel pump and 1.5L swirl pot with DeatschWerks 350iL external fuel pump
-HKS cast manifold and Garret GT4082 turbo
-HKS external wastegate with screamer
-4″ downpipe, 3″ titanium centre section, 4” extended slash cut exhaust tips
-Apexi AP Engineering Power FC
-ACT 6 puck clutch
-Cusco front strut brace
-Cusco safety 21 dash dodger cage
-Rear crash bar with jacking point
-Welded FC turbo II differential
-Parts Shop Max solid differential mounts
-Parts Shop Max rear DTSS eliminator bushings
-Parts Shop Max trailing arm camber links
-Polybush kit
-Cusco Zero-A coilovers with 14K front and 12K rear springs
-Dimpled and grooved discs with upgraded pads
-Solid brake lines
-Parts Shop Max super angle forged knuckles
-Parts Shop Max rack spacers
-Extended FC series 4 lower control arms
-Uras super tie rods
-Weds Kranze Bazreia
-F 18″ x 9J (5″ lip) 215/35/18
-R 18″ x 11J (7″ lip) 245/35/18
-D-max Bonnet
-Ganador wing mirrors with Aerowolf visors
-BN Sports type 1 aero
-BN Sports 50mm front arches
-Origin 50mm rear arches
-1700mm Big Country Labs Spoiler with uprights and hardware
-Aerowolf Spoiler endplates
-Frolik Alley hatch wing
-Aerowolf canards
-Keys Racing 330mm suede steering wheel
-AEM wideband
-Greddy turbo gauge
-Apexi Power FC hand commander
-VIP table
-Bosozoku train handle
-Hannya omamori charm
-Garagemoonpower mats

Thank you to Gee for sharing the FC with us and taking the time. And thank you to RBS Media for sharing this set with us. Hope you enjoyed. Nearly 100 photos in the gallery below. Enjoy.

There are lot of builds we will never be able to come across, so please email us if you think we would be interested!
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